Happy Anniversary! – 2 years of Blogging


Today is the second year since I have been here blogging in the WordPress community. I first started blogging here back at 2014 in April for an English class. My professor made us get WP accounts and blog about the news every week. Once the class was over, I stopped blogging. I thought I was never going to come back here again.

Now it’s 2016 and I really enjoy blogging about my interests. I have met so many new friends and I am glad to continue to talk to them. I hoping to reach the third year of blogging and I will need help from all of you. I want to once again thank everyone here at WordPress. Thank you for visiting my site and being supportive. I will do my best to keep everyone entertain. If you like anime, manga, Christianity, cartoons, video games or any other thing, you can always chat with me. I enjoy your company and I don’t care how long the conversations can be. Let’s do our best! πŸ™‚


59 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! – 2 years of Blogging

  1. Very good Matt.
    I checked with WordPress administration and they said it would be OK, if I gave you “a little hug.”
    … so c’meer you …
    .. uh huh …
    Ok, that’s enough Matthew.

    Good Luck with another year of blogging! I would also like to celebrate with a song for you from my world 39 light years away:

    • Haha thanks and I accept your hug. I am a hugging machine πŸ€—! I am hoping to continue for another year with you guys here in WP. Thanks for song!

  2. Congrats Matt! I’m glad you branched out from the news. I know how difficult it can be to blog and how other things can get in the way but as long as you keep posting, we’ll keep coming back!

  3. Congrats on the accomplishment! I’m doing my best to make a comeback, but with my job now it’s hard to juggle job duties and personal life. I’ll try to keep a steady stream coming in.

    An extra special super awesome happy 2nd year from me!! It’s been so crazy meeting you and your nice blog through the web, and I look forward to every bit of text we send in the future! ^___^
    (Sorry I’m late, here’s more cake 🍰🍰🍰)

    • You’re never late. Glad you came. It’s been fun blogging with you. Thanks for the cake, I accept it :p 🍰. Have some ice-cream with it 🍨. Let’s continue to blog in the future !

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