Kingdom Hearts x Unchained NA release date

It’s been a long time since we heard anything from Square Enix in regards to Kingdom Hearts. Besides the recent announcement to the game Final Fantasy XV, Tetsuya Nomura did make an announcement yesterday in a Kingdom Hearts game. This is not about 3 or 2.8.

Announced yesterday, Square Enix will be releasing the game “Kingdom Hearts x Unchained” on April 7th. The game will be on smart phones and will be free to play with in-game purchases.

The game is smartphone port to the 2013 PC browser game from the Japanese version.

Anime News Network

The game will take place in the distant past, and players will take on the role of a keyblade wielder. Players will strengthen their keyblades and collect character medals while investigating various Disney-themed worlds. Players can use the medals to launch big attacks, and create and use decks. Players will also aim for a “one-turn finish” in battles.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts x Unchained NA release date

    • I totally recommend getting them. I have the HD games on the PS3. I still need to finish Birth by Sleep Final Mix. The upcoming 2.8 collection will be for PS4.

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