Friday Funny 51: 90s!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Good morning everyone! Today is another TGIF episode and I can’t wait to start. Recently this week I went back to school again for the spring. Hopefully if everything goes well, I shall be done. That also means I might be busier than usual since I am taking a lot of classes. Still, I will do my best to continue blogging :).

Tomorrow at Toonami, the last episode of the anime Parasyte will be shown and replacing that will be Hunter x Hunter. Well since I did not have anything pictures for this occasion I decided to mix it up for this TGIF post. If any 90s kid recognize the title “All That!”, you were born in the 90s like me. I decided to share pictures and memes from old cartoons. Those were the best times. Back then before cell phones and apps, we had toys and vhs. Some of these may not be 90s but their are some pictures that may trigger some nostalgia. Remember you would watch Toonami after school and watch action packed anime like DBZ, YuYu Hakusho, Sailor Moon and Rurouni Kenshin? Pepperidge Farm remembers.  Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride!

WARNING: Thus may contain nostalgia!

This is random but if you want to support this classic manga “Kimagure Orange Road”, go to kickstarter and donate to help reach the goal. If the goal is fulfilled, we could be getting the manga series in a all new English Translation and in a print omnibus volume. If you want help, click the link highlighted above.

Tom Warburton, creator of Codename: KND, drew this because he really likes One Piece. You can read about it in his blog. It’s from September 2011 issue of Shonen Jump.

 For more cartoon classics, here is a playlist of songs I collected from YouTube. These are classic songs from Cartoons from Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros, and more!

As a way to conclude this post, here is a goodbye song from my childhood “Bear in the Big Blue House”.

Goodbye :)!

20 thoughts on “Friday Funny 51: 90s!

  1. Yeah, 90’s were the life!! It was definitely super cool to wake up to those great shows. I’ll admit that I missed quite a bit of the 90’s since I was so young that I spent a lot of time just walking around outside and reading when I should have been playing the N64 and watching shows. I always regret not being able to complete some of my old games before we got rid of the system. T-T

    • Yay go 90s! Watching cartoons in the morning was the best part of the day. I still have my N64 but I don’t play it anymore. I think I know what it is like to finish a game :(.

      • Lucky though, you can always go back to it one day for a retro view. I always love doing things that I did as a kid because the memories and nostalgia feel so awesome as I reexperience it. It’s why I love going back to old classics like Super Smash Bros Melee or watching an old show like Justice League. I grew up with those and the moments always feel special. You gotta go back and beat the old video games :p

      • True. With old games you can do retro reviews. It gives you a reason to play them again haha. Some days I wish I was a kid again. Life was much more simpler back then. Back then, games were life XD.

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