Erica Mendez interview – Shonen Jump Podcast

6 thoughts on “Erica Mendez interview – Shonen Jump Podcast

  1. I’m always hesitant to see what voice actors look like. Although they deserve credit (and lots of it!), it can sometimes skew my opinion of the character they are portraying.

    Personally, I hate when I recognize celebrity voices in animations not only because they’re stealing from those that have worked so hard to make careers out of voice acting but because I start picturing that person and not their character. Learning what “regular” voice actors look like has the same effect. And that’s truly unfortunate.

    • Same here. I always wonder what the voice actors look like but I tend to not look into that. That I was the only one.
      I can see why you feel that about celebrity voices. The people will take their attention to them and not the actual work. I never actually thought about it.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way! And one of the worst things about using celebrities is that most don’t even try to change their voices – which is what voice actors train to do.

      • You are not alone, I am with you XD. I noticed that as well. Voice actors train themeselves to match a specific character and regular celebrities just read their lines (I assume). I guess it is easier for them and people will be able to recognize who is speaking. Voice actors has alternate with their real voice and character’s voice.

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