Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV Review

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PLATINUM DEMO β€” FINAL FANTASY XV whisks players away to a fragmented dreamscape, introducing an original story with a few unique twists. Join young Noctis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams.

Square Enix recently released a demo of the upcoming video game and long awaited series Final Fantasy XV. The demo is available for PS4 and Xbox One. Unlike the previous demo, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, which was included in the Day One edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, The company of SE released a new demo that focuses on the different aspects of Final Fantasy XV. I recently played this demo last Saturday and I am impressed on how the graphics and gameplay that was done in this game. I will do my best to cover the points of the game. This is just a demo and the official and final version of the game will be on September 30 of this year.


The story for this demo begins with a young Noctis waking up in the middle of a forest and encountering a Carbuncle. This blue pet communicates to Noctis with a cell phone and leaves messages that guides the player through the surroundings; it also makes squeaky noises. As you follow the Carbuncle, it will guide the player through many worlds which is explained as “dream sequences”. Without going into details, you are in a dream and the Carbuncle is a guide to the player (or Noctis). Besides as a guide, Carbuncle also seems to understand the young boy Noctis and reveals the thoughts and feelings as you progress in the game. This may hint on what will happen in the full game.

Visually/Gaming Graphics

Like in every Final Fantasy game, Square Enix (personally) does an excellent job on the art and visuals of the game scenery and characters. For this Demo, I felt that this game was focused on how will the background and time will appear on the final version. While playing in the game, I came across these mysterious floor panels (sorry I don’t have a picture to show). If you step on them, the game will tell you that the weather or time has changed. You could change the setting and you can play the game in the morning or in a rainy day. Overall, I think the weather function is amazing and it looks like Square took the time to make the world look real as possible.


Unlike the previous Final Fantasy games where players relied on turn-based actions or like FFXIII paradigms, Final Fantasy XV will focus on action combat similar to the game Kingdom Hearts. You first get the feel of action as the young Noctis as he fights monsters named Nightmares. You use either a squeaky toy sword which makes fast attacks and there is a squeaky toy hammer where it deals with the heavy but slow attacks. Noctis will also gain toys that give him magic abilities like “firework” which is actually the magic attack “fire”. When you do become the adult version, you gain the ability to teleport ability in which players can teleport to the environment by throwing swords (almost like Minato from Naruto :P).

I had a fun time playing with the combat. It really did feel like it was trying to be like Kingdom Hearts. The game enabled the player to move freely anywhere and the button function is identical to KH. For example, this is only for the PS4 but when you press the X button, Noctis jumps, the circle button is to attack, square blocks attack or roll away. This is a new experience for this Final Fantasy game and I am really like this. I will admit however, I feel like the attack controls can be clunky. There are times where I get caught up fighting and get less time on defending and I get hurt.


Even though this is just a demo, I am astonished on how far Square Enix went to construct a game like this. I can’t wait until the final version is complete and hopefully improve some stuff like combat. The background is amazing and the combat is something to get used to but since I played Kingdom Hearts, I will definitely have fun with it. As an added bonus, players who complete the Platinum Demo will be rewarded with a Carbuncle and they can name it whatever they want to be. Have you played the demo? If so, what did you think of it? Do you plan on buying Final Fantasy XV? Comment down below for thoughts and opinions. Final Fantasy XV will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th.

28 thoughts on “Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV Review

  1. It’s cool to see someone who had an almost polar opposite reaction to the demo compared to my reaction. Not sure what it was but it was underwhelming to me. I’ve been out of the next gen game until recently when I got a ps4 so I was excited for this game but after the demo I’m not so sure. Probably won’t be an instant buy for me and that’s coming from a longtime fan of this franchise. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome and thank you for reading this review. This demo was pretty short and I think SE wanted to show off the graphics. Still, it caught my attention and I am hoping to get this game on the day of release. If that’s the plan, this will be the first Final Fantasy title I will own excluding the spinoffs.

  2. I got a PS3 for Christmas the year it launched. I wanted one for FFXIII, Versus XIII, and KH3. It was an awesome surprise, but knew it was too much money then though, so I returned it. Bought another about a year later, still looking forward to those games.

    Only one was released on PS3…and there’s talks of a PS4.5. Wow, that’s a long time.

    /journey down memory lane

    Anyways, I plan on playing both of those demos in August or September to “gear up” for XV. Glad to hear you enjoyed Platinum!

    • I remember years ago when they announced FF Versus XIII, fans were crazy for that game and now it comes back as XV. I am looking forward to this game and KH3. This is new to me, 4.5. I wonder what it is?
      This demo got me hyped for September ^^.

      • There’s rumors Sony’s going to announce a PS4 with better processor and some other upgrades. No one knows if it’s just a redesign (PS4 slim) or if it’s going to have its own games a la New Nintendo 3DS.

      • Well since it is going to be a PS4 system, I would assume it be a slim version. It should be interesting. It might be the same PS4 but with a new gaming function. I can’t wait to find out more.

  3. To be honest, I’ve only played Final Fantasy Dissidia and I gotta say, it was one of the best games I’ve ever played. I haven’t played the main series of FF but I really want to play it, the problem is it has so many series and also the lack of consoles (I only have an xbox 360). If this gets released for PC, I would gladly buy and play it, all I need is a decent gaming pc. Well, if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the time where I can buy my own PS4.

    • I love Dissidia. My favorite characters was definitely Cloud and Sephiroth. I never own a main FF game but I am hoping to get FFXV. This might be first FF game out of the entire series. Hopefully this game gets a PC release, it might come out later just like the other games.
      Personally, I would recommend getting a PS4 because they are making the Final Fantasy 7 Remake game.

      • For me, my favourite characters were Cloud and Cecil. Lucky you that you can get FFXV after it’s released. I am currently thinking if I should buy a PS4. I also want to play the next generation games, but in order to do that, I must save lots of money. I think I’ll buy a PS4 when I get myself a job. I saw the trailer of the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7. Judging by the trailer, it looks really good.

      • Cecil was fun to use. I like his English Dub voice and his light and dark powers. Personally, I think you should get a PS4, we could play together online haha. It does cost a lot of money however, it is better to wait and save up. The new Final Fantasy VII game looks great. I still haven’t played the classic version.

      • Yep, he was indeed fun to use. I look forward to playing with you then, when the time comes lol. People say FF VII was one of the best games ever created. I think I understand why it’s getting a remake.

      • He was pretty cool to use. I pretty much like all the heroes haha. Yeah if it’s possible, I would like to play a game with you. I still got my PS3 and PS4. Once you get your Ps4, and hopefully we have same game, let’s play :D. I remember hearing online throughout the years, Final Fanasty Vii was the most demanded game to get a remake. Ever since they should teaset trailer of the game for PS3 years ago, fans been asking for it.

      • I think I made a slight mistake, picking an Xbox over a PS3. I should have done my research back then. Still, I loved playing on my Xbox. *Sigh* guess I’ll wait till I get my hands on a PS4.
        Well, it’s a good thing that the developers listened to the fans asking for a remake. It shows that they really want to make the fans to continue playing Final Fantasy.

      • Well as long you enjoy your console, it doesn’t matter. I had a friend that had a Xbox 360 but he later switched to PS4. The good thing about developers listening to the fans is that they gain their respect and actually listens. They know that Final Fantasy is popular game and I bet they want to keep it going.

  4. Jumping in to say that I really loved Dirge of Cerberus. It was mostly overlooked, but I’d say that it’s easily one of the best FF games ever. I really liked the 3D gun styled gameplay.

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