Friday Funny 55: Birthday v Mother’s Day – Civil War

TGIF! Thank God it is Friday! Today is a glorious day today. Judging by the title, all of you are asking this: “Matt, today is somebody’s birthday? Didn’t you already did something like this back at March with your mother and your birthday, and Easter?” Yes to all these answers and I will gladly tell why I did this. Here is what is going on today and this weekend:

May 6th – Movie Premiere of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

May 7th – My Father’s Birthday

May 8th – Mother’s Day

Today is the movie premiere of Captain America: Civil War. Witness the long awaited Marvel movie as Captain fights his friend Iron Man and his team and protecting his first friend Bucky Barnes. Already mentioned in the trailers, Spider-Man joins the movie and it appears that he with Team Iron-Man and so is the new hero the Black Panther. Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday! Yahoo! Time to celebrate another year to the man that taught me how to be man. Sunday is Mother’s Day! It is the time where Mother’s all over the world gets appreciation for all the things they done for us. What do you plan to do with your moms?

With all this out of the way, let’s begin this war… I mean Friday!

Warning: This post may have fishing pictures because my dad loves to fish. This is for you Dad!!

Here are some videos I want to share to all for my Dad’s birthday!


Have great weekend! Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Mother’s Day!

Brought by Matthew of Matt-in-the-Hat, the home of the funniest blogs. There is No Doubt About That!


18 thoughts on “Friday Funny 55: Birthday v Mother’s Day – Civil War

      • Well, uhh actually, it’s already 11pm here in the Philippines, so I’ll be going to sleep in a little while. But, I had fun a while ago because my classmate went over to our house. He brought his laptop, which is a lot faster than mine, and we played video games the whole afternoon. We mostly played PayDay 2. >:D

      • Oh I see. I am here in the West of the United States and it is about 8 am. Sounds like you guys had fun. Good night and sleep well. 🙂

      • That’s great to hear. I miss hanging out my friend and playing games. Maybe I will get the chance in the summer. You too and have a nice day haha! 🙂

  1. Happy b-day to your dad Matt :), your mother has a great mother’s day, spoil her a bit xDD. Great post as always Matt :D.

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