Top 5 Anime Moms: A Special Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Today is the day we celebrate one of the best people that came our lives: our mothers. Moms are the best kind of people because they gave us love and comfort. For us guys here and just like the song above, they were the first girl that ever cared about us. I just to say that I am grateful for my mom and I blessed to have her in my life. If it wasn’t her love, kindness, and patience, I would never be the way I am right now. I wouldn’t probably even understand what love is without her. As a way to celebrate this day, I decided to post a special top 5 post of anime moms. They is no order in this list but they are the ones that stood out the most. Let’s begin!


5. Asuna (Sword Art Online)

asuna and yui

Even though she is a teenager, she also enjoys being a mom in the virtual world. During their honeymoon trip, Kirito and Asuna encounter Yui and they take care of her as if they are their daughter. The reason why I chose her for five is because Asuna’ strong motherly love for Yui. Even though they unexpectedly met Yui and later finding out that she is an AI, Asuna ignores all that and believes that she is her daughter. As a teenager in the virtual world, she happily accepts the responsiblity of a mother. Make your move MTV Teen Mom!

4. Chi-Chi (Dragonball series)


I know what you are think: “Matt, why did you chose Chi-Chi? Nobody likes her! You are better off choosing Bulma!” I could have said Bulma but I think Chi-Chi fits in this list. Besides her constant nagging to Goku and being an overprotective mother, she is just a concerned mother. She is a mother that cares about their child and worries about their future. She goes through all this to help Gohan get an education and the thought of losing a child is painful. If we had moms like Chi-Chi in the real world, they will be concerned about our future and remind us that school comes first. We need a mom that care about education.

3. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

clannad sanae

Never a mom like Sanae can look young and cute for her age, too bad she makes the worse bread. Sanae is another great mom I wanted to mention for this list. In the series, Sanae wanted to continue to teach for children but after finding out about Nagisa, her and Akio’s daughter, critical sick conditions, she gives up teaching and works at in a family business to stay together to protect Nagisa. Even thought she makes bad bread, Sanea has a very sweet personality. She has a face of an angel and she does so much for Nagisa and Tomoya.

2. Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)

kushina naruto

We should always be thankful for having a mom in our life, but too bad Naruto never knew his mother until later in the series. Kushina is powerful ninja that was once the previous Nine-Tails Jinchuriki; however, she had an untimely death as she lost her life with her husband Minato, Fourth Hokage, while sealing the Nine-Tails. What makes Kushina a great mom because she goes and sacrifices her life for a child Naruto. Even in her last breathe of life, she does her best bestow some advice for the baby Naruto for final words. A mom will sacrifice anything for their child.


1. Belle-mere (One Piece)

belle-mere one piece

Just like Kushina, Belle-mere is a strong woman that does so much for children. Belle-mere was a former Marine soldier and while fighting, she almost accepted death until she heard a baby cry. She meets a little girl named Nojiko and she was holding an unnamed baby girl which later becomes Nami, one of the Straw Hat Crew. Nojiko gives up being a Marine soldier and decides to adopts the girls. What makes Belle-mere an admirable mother is that not she gives up title and her food for her children, but also her life. Belle-mere gets killed for protecting Nami and Nojiko from the notorious Fish-Man Pirate Arlong. Even when she accepts death, she never got scared and even says “I Love you”. This is why I think she is number one in this list.

Welp, that is all folks. I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 list. What do you think is the best anime mom? Comment below for your thoughts. Happy Mother’s Day!

32 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Moms: A Special Mother’s Day Post

  1. Aww sweet post. The first anime mom that popped in my head is Kyoko Honda, Tohru’s mom from Fruits Basket. “Just be yourself”, was quoted throughout the series. She overcame her grief of losing her husband and worked hard to raise young Tohru on her own.

    • Yeah, I wanted to include her in this. I felt like she is a very different mother compared to other moms in anime. Thank you for visiting. Also, Happy Mother’s Day to your mother! 🙂

  2. Awwww I loved your list hehe I completely forgot to write one but oh wells LOL My fav in your list of course is sanae she was such a sweet mother 😀 but the baking thing oh god made me laugh everytime lOOL

    • Thank you Lita! It is awesome to hear a compliment from you :). Well, if you got the time, you can still do a list of moms. I would love to hear your choices. Also, yeah I agree about Sanae. She is very sweet but not her bread. XD

  3. I wish that you had included Edward Elric’s mother, Trisha, because I feel like she might have trumped everyone on your list. Being left by her selfish Alchemist husband and afflicted by a deadly disease, she still raises her two boys with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I think that she is the best example of a Godly mother that I have seen in any anime. Also kinda biased because of my FMAB avatar. XD

    • I haven’t seen Erased yet but I have seen Parasyte. The mother in Parasyte was a very nice and kind mom. I got a little sad after what happened to her.

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