Friday Funny 56: Hello Nurse!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! It is Friday and it is the second week of May. Now that I am finished with celebrating my dad’s birthday and mother’s day, things should be settling down here. My dad enjoyed the comments from last week and appreciated them. Thank you everyone!

On my dad’s birthday, we saw the movie Captain America: Civil War. We loved it and the reviews were right about this film. It was great Marvel movie and I totally recommend it ^_^. If I had to choose between this movie and DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I say Civil War wins. I like BvS but Civil War stomps it and so far, they won for best superhero movie. Marvel for the win!

Before, we start this Friday Funny post, I just want say bye to Kira, or Kira0130, from Frog in the Well. To those who don’t know, anime blogger Kira will be leaving for 5-6 months; however, it is only temporary. We will miss you! Until we meet again, we will be waiting.

Now without further ado, let’s educate you guys with some laughs 101.

For this post, I decided to collect and share these musical numbers from Steven Spielberg’s classic cartoon Animaniacs.  These videos will educate you and help you in school in a fun and hilarious way. So sit down and relax. These lessons will help you XD!




World History

English Writing

That’s all for folks! Stay in School :).


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