One Piece Film Gold news – old enemies return?

This post will contain spoilers unless you have read the Water Seven/CP9 Arc!!!

It is only a matter of time until the movie release of Eiichiro Oda’s third film One Piece Film: Gold. With so many characters being introduced, it is hard to keep track. However, recent scans of next week reveals the return of unlikely characters. Scans shows the return of former CP9 member Rob Lucci and director Spandam. Based on the pictures, they are now part of CP-0 (zero). These characters will appear in the One Piece Film: Gold movie and an anime special according to Crunchyroll.

onepiecelucci scans


16 thoughts on “One Piece Film Gold news – old enemies return?

      • I have a feeling this will only be a glimpse of him as he will be involved in one of the future arcs. Possibly Wano as it involves the poneglyphs and Cipher Pol is in charge of keeping the WG secrets hidden. He will be stronger than before. Armament Haki combined with the Rokushiki techniques will be a deadly combination.

      • True. He will most likely try to block the Straw Hat’s path as they get close to the poneglphs. I feel like the upcoming arcs will be somewhat similar to the Water Seven/Cp9 arcs. That would be a scary combination. I wonder how far he trained this time.

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