10 Tips on How to Get Regular Comments on Your Blog Posts


Hello my dear folks!  How are you all doing?  One of the most common questions my fellow bloggers ask me is how I get regular comments.  Fujinsei is by no means popular, but I do enjoy regular comments as soon as my posts are published.  Sometimes they’re just one or two comments per post, but when I get lucky they can reach up to hundreds with the discussion lasting for months.

I want to say that it’s because of my magnetic personality that I get regular comments, but the truth is that I blackmail people to read my posts and comment or else. . . .Kukukuku.


Just kidding!
…or maybe not. 😉

I’d never encourage you to threaten others to comment on your blog posts, so I’m going to show you a more. . .er, “civilized” way.  Here we go:

10 Tips on How to Get Regular Comments on…

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13 thoughts on “10 Tips on How to Get Regular Comments on Your Blog Posts

  1. I like to comment on other blogs and receive comments on my blog as well. It’s fun to get a good discussion going, and it makes WordPress very enjoyable. Some posts get more comments than others, that’s just how things go sometimes I guess.

  2. My blog doesn’t have many followers, but I am happy with the number of comments I usually get. Reading, liking and commenting on other blogs certainly helps start conversations on your own site.

    • Really? I didn’t know, I always thought you had tons. Your site is more impressive than mine. I also like to talk to other bloggers. It’s a fun experience.

  3. I think that one additional point for getting comments on a blog is putting out good content. Besides, I feel like many WordPress bloggers are becoming more and more entitled to receive comments that they simply will not get unless they actually put out good content or for sympathy. For me personally, I will never leave my opinion or comment to a post that I did not enjoy, even if the writer asks for it.

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