Friday Funny 58: Happy Memorial Day Apocalypse!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another spectacular Friday post. How is everybody? This week has been really busy here at school. Everyday, I have papers to do and once I get done with one thing, I get another assignment. I really need a break.

Anyway, this is Memorial Day weekend! No school and work on Monday. If you have nothing to do these days, I got news for you. This is weekend is the movie release of not one but two movies here in North America. We have the third Marvel of 2016 “X-Men: Apocalypse“. In this movie, the X-Men must fight the first ever mutant named Apocalypse and his servants, the Four Horsemen. Another movie released today is “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. In this movie, Alice returns to Wonderland to help a depressed Mad Hatter by traveling back into the past. The cast returns and yes, Johnny Depp is back!

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Which movie are you going to watch?

With that being said, let’s begin!

Are you hyped for X-Men? Here is something to help increase it!

Not going to watch X-Men? Here is something funny for Alice in Wonderland fans.

That’s all folks! Have a great three day weekend and Happy Memorial Day!

28 thoughts on “Friday Funny 58: Happy Memorial Day Apocalypse!

  1. Ah, I didn’t really like X-Men Apocalypse unfortunately. I’ve already got my review written and scheduled to publish in a few hours. It…just pressed my buttons in all the wrong ways. Still, it’ll be cool to see what you thought of it. Going to spend this weekend relaxing and watching more movies. Already saw 3 and I’ve still got 2 days to go!

  2. Great fun with the X-men! \(^O^)/!! btw young Cyclops is a cutie!~! And I love the Alice in Wonderland original and it’s spin offs including one which was on t.v. years ago and it was so well done! That role is perfect for Mr. Depp! You know I never realized that the 4th did that upside down =D ….way behind on the super hero movie genre so much so that I’m just set to see DEADPOOL tonight! =P I heard it was action packed, raunchy, violent and funny all at the same time and because I liked “Kick Ass” so much I think I’ll like this movie too, hopefully!

    Thank you for the fun and have a wonderful extended break this weekend, we all can use it for sure!~! ^^

    • Thank you! Cyclops is a cool guy. I was surprised about the 4th picture when I first saw it XD. Johnny Depp is a great actor. I heard Deadpool was violent and raunchy but it got great reviews. I hope you it :). I hope you have a great weekend ;). There will be more next Friday!

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