Friday Funny 59: Cowabunga!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Good morning (or evening) everyone! Today is another fantastic day of Friday! In this episode, today is another movie dedication and this movie originally came from the comic books before it became a cartoon. I am talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Today is the movie release and the sequel titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows“. In this sequel, the turtles return and they face new and old enemies like the Shredder and his henchmen Rocksteady and Bebop, Dr. Baxter Stockman, and the appearance of the alien, the Krang. As for the turtles, we have Megan Fox returning as April O’Neil and the appearance of Arrow’s Stephen  Amell as Casey Jones, joining the fray. Oh, also Will Arnet returns as Vernon Fenwick,

Here is some quick Ninja Turtle facts:

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started out as comic book by Kevin Brooks Eastman and Pater Laird. The comic books was actually violent and dark. That means the turtles actually used their weapons to shed blood. If you thought that Ninja Turtles was for kids, you are mistaken.

The Ninja Turtles was also parody to Marvel Comics Daredevil. The enemies in Daredevil was called the Hand, an evil organization, and in TMNT, we have the ninja group, the Foot Clan.

Speaking of Daredevil, a man named Sticks helped train the young Matt Murdock (Daredevil) to be able see with his heighten senses. In TMNT, the Turtles were trained in martial arts by their father, Master Splinter.

The Turtles origin can be referrenced to Daredevil as well. In Daredevil, Matt saves an blind man from a radioactive truck but ends up getting blind by the process. In Ninja Turtles, it happens almost like the same but somebody dropped a pet of four baby turtles on accident and causing them to fall in the sewers and get showered by some mysterious ooze, along with a rat named Splinter.

That’s all the facts for now. Before I get distracted, let’s begin this radical Friday. Booyakasha!

To end this extensive post, here some TMNT cartoon intro songs! It’s Turtle Time!

22 thoughts on “Friday Funny 59: Cowabunga!

      • It’s just so easy to get into and the concept is great. After all, what sounds better than a group of mutant turtles eating pizza and stopping crime? As a kid that must sound awesome and even growing up it fills you with nostalgia. I don’t see its momentum slowing anytime soon

      • I agree. No matter how old I get, I enjoy seeing a group of turtles fighting ninjas and eating pizza. It’s a random combination but it is quite successful.

  1. Lol the openings were so terrible! I never watched the original cartoon as a kid so I listened to it for the first time today and had to take a double take like “What the heck is this?”

    • XD. I remember playing the old Ninja Turtles on the classic NES, it was hard lol. I am glad that you enjoyed this post. It can’t be the turtles without pizza. Save me a slice please :P.

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