Top 5: Anime/Manga Antagonist gods

In most series, whether it is a video game or anime/manga, whenever the hero faces the final enemy of the story, the bad guy is strong, even if they are barely putting effort. What’s worse than fighting a strong enemy? How about fighting an enemy as strong as god. Imagine having the raw power and using it for evil. For any person, it can be really scary and the only options you can do is either submit to the evil overlord or die. The hero and his friends, however, will fight this evil, godly foe and end their reign with some kind of weakness or trump card.

In the Marvel film, X-Men: Apocalypse, the villain named Apocalypse decides to use his mutant powers to wipe out humanity and let only the strongest mutants live. In movie trailers, he is known as a god in Egypt. I still haven’t seen the movie but people said that this movie was good while others say bad.

In this top 5, I will be looking at the strongest “god-like” villains in anime and manga. These characters are something that popped in my head, they are NOT ranked by lowest to greatest.

Warning: There might be spoilers! This list has Sword Art Online, Bleach, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist and DragonBall Z

5. Akihiko Kayaba (Sword Art Online)

SAO kayabaAkihiko_Kayaba sword art onlineSAOs05_cs1w1_290x

As a gamer, I love playing video games. It’s fun and you get to meet new friends. It’s a great way to pass the time, but according to this guy, he will make you play for 2 years! Akihiko Kayaba is the game creator to the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online. What better way to start the release of the game by removing the log out button in the game and trapping the players for 2 years.

Instead of observing the players, he decides to disguise himself as a player named Heathcliff equipped with an unique skill called “Holy Sword”, a skill in which he can use to attack and switch from offense to defense. He uses this skill and power of the game to even cheat with a fight with Kirito (main character) and force him in his guild.

The reason why he is on the list is because he is the creator of Sword Art Online and he has the power over it. He also given himself a skill that was even too much for Kirito. Like a god, he takes pride on his creation and can control all things for his benefit.

4. Beerus (DragonBall/DragonBall Z/DragonBall Super)


First introduced in the cinematic movie “DragonBall Z: Battle of Gods”, Beerus was one of Goku’s strongest foes since after the battle with Evil Majin Buu (Kid Buu). Don’t let his appearance fool you, he may look like a regular Egyptian Cat, but he has power beyond any warrior. He was able to defeat all the Z-Fighters and Goku in Super Saiyan 3!

Thanks to his title is God of Destruction, he has very destructive power and he is quick to destroy anything that makes him. For example, in a scene from the movie, Beerus wanted to eat pudding after seeing his master Whis eat some. Unfortunately for him, all the pudding got eaten by Majin Buu (the good, fat guy version). Out of frustration, he decides to destroy Earth because of Majin Buu.

Even though he doesn’t stay a bad guy for the rest of series, Beerus was tough opponent compared to which Goku never faced before. Goku fought against a pink blob monster, an android with all the fighter’s cells and even an alien tyrant, and even his own kind but never a god.

If you pay your respect to him, Beerus will be in a good mood. If not, you can kiss your planet goodbye or fight a god that can destroy a planet faster than Frieza on Namek.

3. Eneru (One Piece)

Eneru throne

After reading the Rumble-Rumble fruit and learning the Observation Haki or “Mantra” in his world, Eneru is a dangerous god to fight. You might as well call him Zeus because he has the power to send down powerful volts of Electricity. With the volts he sends down, he could make toast out of anybody or even destroy a piece of land. Even though he failed, he has enough power to destroy Sky Island. Besides the Devil Fruit, Eneru can use his “Mantra” to sense and predict movements with keen sense of hearing. If anyone talks against Eneru will face death.

Unfortunately for him, an electric god like Eneru did not predict on fighting a certain rubber Straw Hat Captain.

2. Yhwach (Bleach manga)

Bleach Yhwach

Even though anime ended, the manga continues. As the story reaches the final arc, Ichigo, his friends and the Soul Reapers are faced against Yhwach and the rest of Quincies. The leader of the Quincies is no laughing matter because he has incredible power that is also on a level beyond Ichigo. Here is why:

  • he attacked and destroyed the Soul Society.
  • he killed Captain Yamamoto and stole his Bankai.
  • he absorbed the Soul King’s power.
  • he has the power of A, the Almighty (The Quincies are ranked and given letters and each of the alphabet has a specific). According to what we know, he can predict the future and it he mentions that he can not be killed.
  • He has the power to steal spiritual powers such as his own kind. He was also responsible for the deaths of Ichigo and Uryu’s mother by stealing their Quincy powers.

Overall, Yhwach is incredibly strong according to what we know. He is almost like a god basically. However, so far we have yet to see him in his unleashed powers.

1.Β  Father (Fullmetal Alchemist manga or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime)

Father_sun_palm FMA

Just like his name says, Father is a fear enemy in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. When people first meet him, he has the face of Edward and Alphonse’s father Van Hohenheim. What makes this guy dangerous is that he has the powerful Philosopher Stone; he can transmute anything into a weapon with equivalent exchange unlike Ed and Al. As the series reach the climax, Father transforms into a younger version of Hohenheim and he becomes powerful as a god; he can even create the sun on the palm of his hand.

If that wasn’t scary enough, he also has seven powerful servants or homunculus that helps for his goal of domination. They are based on the Seven Deadly sins: Lust, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath. They are super-powered beings with incredible power that are a threat to the military.

Fighting someone like Father is a scary thing to encounter besides the name Father.


That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed my top 5 anime/manga post. These my top 5, what you are yours? Can you think of any powerful god-like enemies? Comment down below.

38 thoughts on “Top 5: Anime/Manga Antagonist gods

  1. This was an awesome list (I had to skip over the FMA entry since i still have yet to finish the series). Over powered villains are a must in any series, as they test the protagonist’s overall growth and development. We can’t make it easy for our heroes now can we? πŸ˜€

    • Thanks. It’s a good thing I left the spoiler warning there :). An over powered enemy is a must and I agree with you. It’s a way to show how far the hero progressed. The villains are not gods if they can get defeated by a regular person. πŸ™‚

      • Exactly! I totally agree with everything you just said! And thanks for the disclaimer, I have been spoiler free for this long and I intend to stay that way until i finish lol!

      • Glad to hear you like. Once you get done or caught up with a series, I would like to know your input. I would be happy to read your opinions. πŸ™‚

      • ha ha ha of course, I’ll definitely let you know when I finish. But, it may be a slow go since I can only go as fast as I buy the manga (so far i have up to 16/ only read up to 11)

  2. Solid list and I’m happy to say that I recognized all of them. My anime training has not forsaken me! It’s tough to decide on which 5 depending on who really qualities as god-like. Off the top of my head, I’d say

    5. Cell (DBZ)
    4. Viktor (Buso Renkin)
    3. Broly (DBZ)
    2. Aizen (Bleach)
    1. Bass EXE (Megaman)

    • Thanks ^^. After reading your list, I am also impressed. I noticed that the DBZ characters are really strong. I forgot about Viktor from Buso Renkin, it’s a while since I seen the anime. Aizen was another great choice. He kinda did act like a god.

      • Yeah, he really got full of himself by the end, but Aizen’s so awesome. He’s easily by second favorite Bleach villain and my third favorite character overall. (Behind Ichigo as well) Viktor’s definitely not too popular, but I thought he got the god status down pretty well as he really outclassed everyone for quite a while. Are you looking forward to the new Dragon Ball Super arc coming up? Supposedly, Dark Goku’s finally going to make his move!

      • Aizen pretty big headed but I like him too. I like to think myself as him because he is so cunning and mysterious as a quiet guy in the early Bleach episodes. Viktor deserves some attention. I forgot how powerful he was when he fought the alchemists and Kazuki. He was so tough that he can manipulate gravity and fight on the moon. I haven’t seen Dragon Ball Super anime because I don’t know where to watch it at. I am however, looking forward to the return of Trunks. I am so curious about this evil Goku. I wonder where he came from. He could be a Goku from an alternate universe just like what happened to Cell.

  3. Such an cool topic to write about. I completely forgot about Kayaba! A favorite antagonist god(ess) for me is. . . (SPOILER ALERT):
    Kill la Kill’s Ragyo – I mean, she becomes the sun. She’s the be all, end all master of the KLK universe who made a bond with an alien lifeform and sacrificed her own daughter to her research, among many other diabolical deeds. Terrible woman, but God I love her.

    • I forgot about Ragyo XD. She was powerful. Not only she gained unbelievable powers but she used her own children for the process. Nice choice and I agree with your answer! πŸ™‚

      • Yeah I remember in the chapter shorts, he is the leader in the moon. I wonder how can he breath up in space. If he ever did come back, Luffy will be ready. Now that he has mastered all the 3 of Haki techniques.

      • Yeah anything can happen in One Piece. If Oda-sensei wanted to, he make the Straw Hats go up to space. Pirates in space, more like space pirates XD lol.

      • Noooooo! Not that. Ahahaha! We already got that from Bebop, sort of. Oh well. It would be a few more years before ONE PIECE ends so we still have a long time to look forward how everything is going to end.

      • I have a feeling it’s the completed & deciphered poneglyphs & reveals the “truth” that was hidden 800years ago but that’s just my speculation.

      • It is a mystery. I remember way back in Nico Robin’s flashback, the government destroyed her island because they have the information about it. They even branded her as a monster because she knew how to read the poneglyphs.

      • Yes. It must be something so horrendous that the government would kill so easily those who threaten to reveal what truly happened then.

        Bu the way, I just noticed that you changed your WordPress profile photo. Love it!

      • Thank you. I wanted to change it but also keep it a character from DRRR!. The government is hiding something big if it requires the Buster Call. Maybe it’s a dark history about the marines or secret life of Gold Rogers.

      • Hmmm. We’ll see. I also want to know what the Will of D means. It’s been constantly hinted that they have something big to do during the Lost Century.

      • I am curious too. Apparently, we know that the Will of D. is very dangerous according to what we know. It goes as back to Gold Roger’s era. His real name is Gol D. Rodgers but they changed it to remain hidden.

      • We’ll see what it really means. Can’t wait. It’s been hinted that the Ds are the enemy of God so maybe they’re the Devil? But then that sounds so bad. I was thinking Destiny but then that’s boring since a lot of people are already guessing that. Hmmmmmm.

      • I heard about that. I did hear the D is supposed to mean Devil. I heard rumors that people with the Will of D was also a main threat to the Celestial Dragons.

      • Indeed. But I’m sure Oda-sensei won’t disappoint. He just needs to take care of himself so he would be able to finish ONE PIECE to everyone’s satisfaction.

      • I agree. He’s one of my favorite creators. He needs to rest too so can finish the story. I am always worried about his health every time he’s on break.

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