Marvelously Mismatched

Wow can you believe it because I can’t. Exactly one year ago one of my best friends gave me the idea to start a blog. One year ago today I said why not. I just want to say Zop I love you for giving me the idea and the courage to do this. Because without you and all the amazing bloggers that I have met, without all the people who made this blog thrive by liking my posts, commenting, and following this blog wouldn’t be wear it is today. So I just want to say thanks. I have had so much fun this last year blogging. Looking back at all the fun times I had talking to fellow bloggers, blogging in general, talking about everything and nothing on twitter (ahem Matt and Arria Cross know what I’m talking about), going all fan girl about anime guys etc… It has been a…

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      • That’s impossible XD. Yours is more interesting. You have posts about manga and anime titles and that helps other people get into new series. Mine is mish mash and sheer randomness. I could talk about anime, comics or cartoons. XD

      • Gee thank you :D. There is a funny story why I started this Friday Funnies post. My pictures and memes are just whatever I think it will hit. But besides my blog, I think your site is interesting because you mention different titles. There are some manga and anime I still haven’t seen and your blog helps me do research on them. My blog doesn’t talk about that. Also, I really like your debate on who is better, Kakashi or Minato :).

      • No prob.😄 Oh really? Do tell how did this start? I like the memes you post. Aww thanks.😄 I’m here to talk and inform. Lol me too .😄 That was a tough one.

      • You are very cool talker and I think you would make a great anime friend to others :). You have have great debate posts like the one with Sebastion and Grell.
        It may be a long story and I don’t know if you really want to hear me babble lol.

      • I don’t remember your answer for that post. I think you said Sebastion XD. Anyway, I think you should continue doing it if you enjoyed. I haven’t seen the anime but it was fun choosing :3.

        Here is part 1 of my origin story of Friday Funnies:
        “Before blogging and years ago, my dad and mom would work together and send funny pictures in text messages saying “TGIF!”. It would be picture of Spongebob, or animal creatures with a ringtone. We laughed and responded. My dad would do this on occasion of Fridays and sometimes he skipped them.
        Part 1 ends here.

      • If I remember corretly, Grell is an odd fellow but he is quite likeable. Sebastion is too formal and strict XD. Here is part 2 of my story:
        After a while with the TGIF pics, I decided to do my own and send my texts. On Fridays, my dad would send TGIF text messages and I would too. We would compete against each other. But after a while, he stopped and wanted to hand over the title. I ended up doing TGIF messages up to this day. This is before my blogging days XD. I will tell you more on the next part lol.

      • I think if I remember correctly, Grell is the guy with the chainsaw. He is really odd and I would be afraid to meet him. I am better off with Sebastion.
        Here’s part 3:
        After a while, I have been doing the TGIF text messages up to now and my family really enjoyed it; even when I am at college. I took an English class years ago and my professor made the class, and me, to make a WordPress. We had to blog so we can get graded. You can see in my blog of some old unrelated anime posts. After the class, I stopped using WordPress. I told myself I wasn’t going to continue blogging. I didn’t think blogging was going to be fun at the time until later December 2014, I decided to come back. Strangely enough, I was going to use it as a life journal and record my daily life XD.
        This ends part 3.

      • Yeah he is. He is odd and also has a thing for Sebastian but I think he would be a cool guy to meet. Lol Sebastian is way scarier then Grell trust me. Cool. Yeah I had a professor that had us start blogs. Well you thought wrong blogging is so much fun. Lol nice.

      • I seen clips of those moments and I believe you. Sebastion is a calm guy and I can imagine him being scary. The calm guys are very scary lol. You had a professor made you blog too? We are in the same boat! Twinsies 🙂
        Here is part 4 of my tale:
        My Blogging was quite bumpy and reviewing anime was weak. It time getting used. I had an app on my phone called iFunny and it had memes of random pictures, usually anime or non-anime. I collected those pictures and did nothing with them. Then it hit me, Since I didn’t have that many friends to share or relate to the pictures, I said to myself “I will just post some pictures in one post, and let anyone look at them”. I started my TGIF posts with few pictures and not many people cared. I even thought about doing some on Mondays too. Still, it wasn’t a blockbuster break though in the beginning.
        This ends this part and I am hoping the next part will be my final (if it’s my last part).

      • He is really scary sometimes. Lol that they are but his cat obsession is too cute. Yeah I did. Lol yeah high five😀! Oh my gosh I love iFunny I have the app as well. You have friends😀. Lol nice I like your inspiration and creativity with that one.

      • He has a cat obsession? I didn’t think he had any XD. I thought he was an OP character like Alucard from Hellsing. Is that why girls like him XD. Yeah, my brother should me it and I used it for random memes. He doesn’t like the anime memes but I do.
        Here is my final(maybe) part. Part 5:
        After a while of doing these Friday Funny posts, I usually get some likes here and there. I even got the idea of doing “themed” posts. I did TGIF posts with Marvel memes, Naruto, and even holidays. People started to like them. This year in 2016, I now do tributes like family’s birthdays. Now up to this day, I have been doing these TGIF posts every Friday. I try to mix these memes around. I want to people to have a good laugh. I also do my best to make the content “clean”. No dirty or offensive jokes. If I can make one person happy, then I am doing a good job.
        I believe this ends my backstory of my TGIF posts. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

      • Yeah he does it’s cute. Lol:). I know right. He still is very much OP he just likes cats that’s all. Well that and he looks good. Well we all do so it’s okay. Nice I like your themed ones. They’re cool and super funny. You do make people laugh so I would say your mission has been a success. I did enjoy it, it was a cool story:).

      • I guess even the strongest and coolest characters have a soft spot for small, adorable animals XD. I am glad that you stay to hear my story. I might have to make a post about it in the future for everyone can read. The themed TGIF posts are really fun. Sometimes I feel like I over do it haha. I am here to bring smiles to the web :). ^_^

      • Yup. He definitely does it’s super cute though.:) Lol no prob anytime. Yeah I think that would be cool. Nah I think you do it just fine. You do.:)

      • He looks tough but he has a sensitive side. I guess the ladies like a cold but sensitive guy XD. I might have to look over my story and profreed it just in case. Haha. I guess when you have fun with something, you get caught up and distracted. 🙂

      • I guess that’s why girls love him. I wonder if he’s boyfriend material, or husband. Doing these Friday is always fun. People don’t know what it will have but that’s the exciting part. Could it be themed? Who knows. Nobody knows what’s in my head lol.

      • What would you do if he was your boyfriend? I can’t imagine what will happen XD. Yeah, thanks. If it’s a themed Friday post, you might see some hints. It’s not online, it could be at your home, school, or even at movie theaters. Lol

      • As a friend, I would support the relationship but I may have to step in if he crosses borders. It’s me vs Sebastian, a 1v1 match XD. You could keep an eye on the hints but be careful. It may even be random. I might have two or more different themes. Lol

      • Yeah, I guess it would be best if your bros do the beatings. I should just mop the bloody floor XD. As with my Friday Funnies, I try to use clean memes. I don’t want to offend anyone here on this site. 🙂

      • Thanks. If I see a meme I like but it has some “curse” words. I will try to edit it out. I am trying to keep it at least PG.

      • Still, I will give my audience what they want. I will give you reason to laugh and cry of laughter (if that’s even possible to cry of laughter from my memes XD).

      • Well, I can safely say you are doing a great job on that. I appreciate your company. You have been quite helpful in the anime community. ^^

      • You’re welcome. I try my best to be a positive person online for the anime community. I want anime fans to come together be friends so no one can feel lonely.

      • Thank you ;). It may sound like a silly dream but I think it would be great. If it wasn’t for anime and online, we would never have met and be friends. 🙂

      • It’s a good thing I like Bleach. I remember that’s how we met. I posted up a post about getting an umbrella. Anime can bring people together. ^_^

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