Cruelty-Free Look of the Week: Celty Sturluson

If you want to be stylish like Celty from DRRR!!, check this out. With my suggestion and Katrina’s talent on make-up, you can look as great as Celty. Check out Katrina’s blog for more cosmetics 🙂 !

This week’s Cruelty-Free Look of the Week is pretty cool because last week on my Cruelty-Free Look of the Week: Soft and Sweet Wedding Look post I mentioned that I would like to start adding anime character inspired make-up looks and asked for suggestions. Well this suggestion came from Matt at matthew903 (if you haven’t checked out his blog you should) and thought a Celty Sturluson look from Durarara would be pretty cool!

So here is my adaptation of Celty Sturluson’s character in a makeup look! If you are familiar with the show you know that she wears all black except for her yellow and grayish helmet. She also has the ability to create these shadow like tendril that are able to grab people and help her fight. Finally, she’s headless! A black vapor does rise from her neck though, cool right?

In order to capture these elements I decided…

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8 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Look of the Week: Celty Sturluson

      • I once saw izaya playing with a head in a jar,my first thought was that it might be celty’s head but then a girl with stitch marks around her neck shows up with the exact same face,the only explanation we get from the anime is that she did it herself that get someone to fall in love with her instead…but then the head in the jar is never seen again…

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