Friday Funny 61: New Game+

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Hello good people! This is another exciting episode of Mattew’s Friday Funny. In this episode, I will be sharing some exciting and busy news and I will tell you why! I originally was going to titled this episode “Video Games, Father’s Day, Graduation… Dory?”

This week I have been busy on my studies and my finals in my classes. Today is my last final for my college.  It’s time for me finish school once and for all and move on to the next chapter of my life.

Tomorrow will be my graduation ceremony and I am ready for the ceremony. But for now, it’s my last test! I will continue to keep you guys updated for tomorrow at Twitter and in my blog.

If you are planning on watching a movie today, go check out Disney Pixar’s movie “Finding Dory”. This movie is the sequel to the movie “Finding Nemo”. Old and new characters join the movie as they help Dory find her family.

Sunday is Father’s Day! Keep your eyes peeled because I have another interesting post on Sunday.

If you are gamer, you may have seen the news of new video games. To be honest with you, I am really interested on Sony’s games and I am glad I got a PS4 haha. New God of War, remastered Crash Bandicoot, and Spider-Man PS4! I love gaming as much as I like anime.

Let’s end this final day of

To end this post, I decided to end it with some anime opening songs. It’s not a top 5 or 10 or whatever. It’s going to be a theme in which I call “started from the bottom and now we here” (this does not involve with Drake)! Enjoy! Hopefully YouTube copyright laws doesn’t mess this up!


One Piece


DragonBall Z


Sword Art Online


Fullmetal Alchemist – 2003 and Brotherhood

Grand Finale!



15 thoughts on “Friday Funny 61: New Game+

  1. Happy Friday! Have a great graduation tomorrow as well! Yes, I thought the Sony presentation at E3 was the best, so many great games on the way – especially God of War and Spider-Man!

    • Thanks :). I will remind everyone tomorrow but I really appreciate your comment, it means a lot. I thought Sony did great this year. My favorites were God of War and Spider-Man as well. I would love to try out the new game mechanics in Spider-Man. This time is not done by Activision.

  2. \(@^0^@)/ Congrats on graduating!

    The “drew Dad” one cracked me up. I also put a Pokemon watchface on my Pebble smartwatch. There’s so many good ones out there!

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