Friday Funny 62: New Chapter

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!! Good Morning or Good Afternoon or Good Evening!!!

Today is another episode of Matt-in-the-Hat’s TGIF Friday Funny and we made it to episode 62. We are officially in Summer and I hope you are keeping cool under the sun. Any of those who are in summer vacation, I hope you have a great time of fun at home or work lol. It’s that time to travel, chill at home, or go camping. So far we had exciting news in the past days and weeks. Last week, we had E3 and we saw the new videos. It’s been announced that Pokemon Go will be coming out at the end of July. Also, FUNimation got the licensed to the live-adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin! If you have been following me in Twitter or read this post, I have graduated from college at CSUSB. Now that I am done with school, it’s time for another chapter in my life. Life is a mystery road with different obstacles. To be honest, I was quite nervous of revealing my face here in my blog. I hid behind the monitor as if I was hero with a mask. But, I gathered the courage to reveal myself. I made this meme on the featured picture as a dramatization of my experienced :P.

Anyway, let’s start this TGIF!

To end this post. Here are some anime songs that could inspire to move forward in life. Check it out. Remember, anything is possible! 🙂

This is not anime but a game, here is the song “Stand By Me” by Florence + The Machine

Sayonara my peeps. We are the protagonist of our stories!

10 thoughts on “Friday Funny 62: New Chapter

  1. Indeed, I have made a pizza cheeseburger like that, except that the top should be flipped so the sauce side is toward the burger, and the pizza is like a bun.

    The exception is if you want to serve it as in the photo, pour spaghetti meat sauce all over the top and eat it with a knife and fork.

    Ask for the “Pizzaburger Splash” platter at Dino’s 24-hr Three-Star Diner on Route 422. Those are incredible at 3:00 am.

    • I never thought about the Elite 4 until now. Why didn’t they help in Pokemon Pearl XD. Those songs are really great to listen. Happy Friday and God bless you!! 🙂

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