Friday Funny 67: Stay in School

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hey everyone! Today is another episode of “TGIF: Friday Funny” and I am here to bring you some daily dose of funny memes and videos. Expect the unexpected. In this episode, I decided to title this because this next week at August, there many people who have to go back to the “s” world, school. Whether it is elementary, middle school or high school, all students and teachers will have to go back to school and learn. This is also the time for school shopping and haircut appointments. This also means, it’s time to go back to doing homework or grading papers and dealing with obnoxious students or grouchy teachers. Fret not though, because I bring good news!

Announced at Comic-Con, Warners Bros announced and released the trailers to not one but two DC films. We got the Justice League and Wonder Woman! Zack Snyder, the director who worked on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, returns and will be directing these titles at 2017. Justice League will take place after the events of Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman will focus on Diana’s early life as she fights in WWII.

In other news, SEGA announced some new upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog games that will be released in 2017. Sonic Mania is one of the new games and players will have to rely on their old skills and play this new Sonic game. Another game which is temporary titled as Project Sonic 2017, a new Sonic game with the return of classic and modern Sonic.

Also, the classic Marvel game Marvel Ultimate Alliance is back and re-release for PS4 and Xbox One. Both 1 and 2 are available for download. Each of the games cost $40 dollars but it will cost $60 for a bundle. Recruit and assemble your own Marvel team.

Without further ado, let’s begin this episode!

To end this post here is the opening theme songs to Nisekoi and Bleach. These two Weekly Shonen Jump series are ending real soon. Raku will make a decision on which girl he will love in Nisekoi and Ichigo and his friends will fight the final battle with Yhwach. What if these two switched? What Raku had to use gentlemen personality to defeat Ywhach and save the world and Ichigo had to find the promise girl?



Manga news: Both Bleach and Nisekoi concludes at August


According to Crunchyroll, an early issue Shonen Jump magazine revealed that issue number 36-37 will have feature the end of the manga Bleach and Nisekoi. Both of these manga will be getting color pages and Nisekoi will have up to 25 pages. Besides these two series, the manga Boruto, One Piece and Neverland will also be getting color pages.

Bleach volume 74 will conclude the story and will be released in the fall.

Are you guys ready for the end for two series?

inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) Review

Amazon Plot Description:

inFAMOUS Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, brings you an action adventure game where surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he’s forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. The actions he takes along the way will change the future of everyone around him. A New Origin Story: Step into an open world adventure that offers a realistic take on being superhuman. Choice and Consequence: Witness how the city, the people you encounter, and even the story itself is all affected by the actions you take. Control Multiple Powers: Draw powers out from other superhumans, creating your own set of distinct powers to use as you see fit. Freely Explore the City of Seattle featuring highly detailed environments, realistic weather, reflections, shadows and lighting.

*end description*

The creators of inFamous return in this new story filled with new characters, plot and powers. This is the third (fourth if you count Festival of Blood for PS3) installment to the inFAMOUS series. In this review, I will be discussing the highs and lows of this PS4 exclusive game. After this review, I will let you decide on whether you should buy this game, or not. There is no spoilers!

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Video Game news: New Sonic games for 2017!

Besides the upcoming game Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice (will be released on Spetember 27, 2016 for 3DS), Sega and Team Sonic announced this weekend some interesting Sonic news that can be enticing for new and old fans. The Blue Hedgehog is back and he is ready to run again for next year. Not one but  2 new games have been announced and two additions to other games.

1. LEGO Dimensions – Sonic joins LEGO!

The popular franchise and video game “LEGO Dimensions” announced that they will include a LEGO version of Sonic. The trailer shows the the blocky hedgehog running through Green Hill Zone and running through different series like Adventure Time. His trademark homing attack returns and also added is the classic red airplane, the Tornado and blue car. The trailer also reveals the return of Super Sonic. Players will be able to play as Sonic and explore the vast world of LEGOs and the characters.

2. Sonic Dash – Play as Classic Sonic!

As part of the 25th Anniversary, SEGA adds Sonic’s classic version, Classic Sonic, in the mobile app game Sonic Dash. Not only players can play as Classic Sonic but SEGA also added Green Hill Zone to the game. The app can be downloaded and played on Android and iOS with either Google Playstore and iTunes app store. If you still got this endless runner game, make sure to grab Classic Sonic.

3. Sonic Mania – Old School Sonic in a New School!

With fans demanding the traditional a good Sonic game, some fans have asked SEGA to make a game where players can relieve the classic games where they can play as Sonic and get through Point A to Point B. SEGA announced on this trailer that they have finally heard their responses and decides to go back to Square One and make a new classic Sonic game.  WIth the help of Christian Whitehead (creator who is responsible for making the mobile games of Sonic CD and 1 and 2), SEGA creates the game is called Sonic Mania. Based on the trailer, players will relieve the same classic gameplay mixed in with enhance graphics, music and moves. Tails and Knuckles also become playable. The game is expected to be release in spring 2017 and for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

4. Project Sonic 2017 – A New Sonic game

Last but not least, SEGA released a trailer which was called “Project Sonic 2017”. In this trailer, Sonic encounters some robots (probably Dr. Eggman) terrorizing a town. The trailer shows Sonic jumping and running to stop the robots but he’s not alone. He gets help from Classic Sonic again! Modern Sonic and Classic once worked together in 2011’s Sonic Generation. The end of the trailer shows the headline “Join the Resistance” and the game will be released in 2017 during the holidays. The game will be worked by the same people who did Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors. The game will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PC and the NX (Nintendo’s project console)

What do you guys think about these games? Comment down below.

Anime News – Toonami adds JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

It was announced  and confirmed in Twitter and online earlier but Jason DeMarco (Vice-President and Creative Director of Adult Swim) announced that the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures will be joining Toonami in October. The anime will begin on Part 1, Phantom Blood with the main character Jonathon Joestar.

In previous related news, Viz Media announced that they will release the Blu-Ray version of Part 1 in English Dub. Warner Bros, however, owns the English DVD standard version.

Friday Funny (Order) 66: Golden Issue + Knuckles!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hello comic book lovers, or non-comic lovers! Today on this special episode, we got a busy weekend yet again. Here are my 3 reasons why.

It’s not Fanime, E3, or Anime Expo, it’s the Comic Con 2016! Comic Con begins on July 21 and ends on July 24, from Thursday to Sunday. It’s another special time where people go and meet actors and other fans who love Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, or even manga. Dress up as your favorite hero, villain or both and meet other fans all in one place. Get the latest scope on Superhero films and meet the actors or meet TV actors like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. If you plan to go to Comic Con, get ready to walk a lot and be careful out there. It will also be a hot weekend.

On July 23rd, Eiichiro Oda’s anime series “One Piece” will be getting another movie titled “One Piece Film: Gold.” The movie was made by the same creator of One Piece and he was in charge of designing the costumes and new characters. If you live in Japan, you wouldn’t want to miss this. According to recent news, an old enemy returns from the Water 7 Arc.

Way back at June 23rd, Sega announced that it was Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. The Blue Hedgehog was born in 1991 for the Sega Genesis. It was announced by Sega that there is a new Sonic project being developed and it will be out on 2017. On July 22nd through Twitch, Sega will provide details on this new project. It will be at July 22nd.

With everything settled, let’s begin young heroes!

Here are some Sonic songs from his past games:

One Piece FUNimation Openings:

That’s all folks. See you next time! 🙂

I am late to say this but Happy 25 Years Sonic and Thank You Sega!! – June 23, 1991 (NA)

Happy Birthday to One Piece!!! – July 19, 1997

One Piece news: Story is 65% complete

Like most manga series, every story has a end. With Bleach and Nisekoi ending pretty soon and Naruto being over, we all know that the series One Piece has a long way to go before it finishes the story.

However, according to an interview with the creator of One Piece in the second issue of “Dai One Piece Shimbun”, Oda Sensei tells us some surprising news. According to the interview, the story of One Piece is about 65% in completion in the manga. Another twist is that he mentions he can’t do anymore long story series like One Piece.

In the previous issue in the “One Piece Shimbun” in 2012, the manga was 60% in completion.

Also, yesterday was One Piece birthday!


Anime news: My Love Story !! release date and Discotek new anime licenses

My Love Story!!


Already mentioned before, My Love Story!! is getting an English Dub release and voice actor Andrew Love will be providing the voice to the main protagonist. Sentai Filmworks released an English trailer revealing that the anime will be released as a complete collection for DVD and Blu-Ray and will be available for purchase on December 20th of this year.

Here is the synopsis of the series by Viz Media:

Takeo Gōda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don’t want him! (They want his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn!

Discotek Media

Posted at Facebook, English anime distributor Discotek Media announced the the complete collection of the anime Koi Koi Seven and Gokudo will be available for purchase on September 27th.



Koi Koi Seven wiki synopsis:

Tetsuro Tanaka is transferred to Gokoh Academy full of high expectations. However, expectations fade with a bad premonition the moment he steps onto the campus and finds all the students except him are girls. A series of strange events fall upon him. Then, six girls who are called Koi Koi Seven appear as his guardians. Army combat helicopters and anti-tank guns attack Tetsuro for no particular reason as he tries to survive each day in the academy. Surrounded by many girls he gets into trouble every day because he often sees them naked, usually by mistake. In the dorm the same problem continues with the Koi Koi 7 team walking around the house in their underwear. On top of this, Celonious 28 also chases after him all the time because she wants to be with him. As well, Asuka Yayoi feels jealous of him because she loves him and she doesn’t want him to hang around with other girls, which is very difficult because he is the only boy in the school and the girls are after him all the time. In general each girl of the Koi Koi 7 team has secret feelings for Tetsuro but they don’t show them.

Gokudo wiki synopsis:

The story focuses about an adventurer named Gokudo (full name is Gokudo Yuccot Kikansky). Unlike most main characters he is an antihero, willing to resort to violence to fulfill his agenda. He does not hesitate to abuse the needs of people, sell out his friends to save himself, run away from any dangers, or ditch others who helped him if he does not have any more interest in them. His life starts to change when he finds a magical Genie named Djinn who wants to grant him three wishes. As most people would benefit from having three wishes, in his case it leads him to a lot of trouble, and it doesn’t take long before he tries to escape from Djinn, as well as every other person he meets.

Other important characters are the Old Seer (or the Queen of the Magic World) who constantly appears out of nowhere seemingly only to make Gokudo suffer more, Rubette La Lette, a noble girl with a tomboy attitude who sees Gokudo as a rival, and Prince (called Niari by the Old Seer), a mage much better at handling women than Gokudo will ever be.

Besides these two titles, Discotek Media also updated the release of more anime to the list. They mentioned that they will release the Sonic X Collection 1 will be out on September 27 with episodes 1-52 in dubbed. with season 3 in separate collection. Street Fighter II: The Animated Series is expected to be out on Sept 27 as well as the Blu-Ray collection of Tekkaman Blade II.

September 27:


Coming out on October, we the TV and movie collection of Hana Yori Dango and the Blu-Ray movie Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.


Last but not least, Discotek plans to announce at Otakon of new anime licenses in August. So far, these titles is the TV anime Rayearth and the second series of Lupin III.

Which anime are you looking forward to this year? Comment down below. 🙂

Friday Funny 65: Who you gonna call? One-Punch Man!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Good Morning happy people! Today is another episode of Friday Funny and I got some news before we get started. As many of you are aware, the app “Pokémon Go” has already taken the attention on everyone with a iPhone and Android user. Now users can be real-life Pokémon trainers and explore places. However, be cautious out there, danger is waiting every corner. Besides avoiding get run over by a vehicle, people can get lured and robbed by users who uses the beacons and chatrooms to steal phones. They are the closest to Team Rocket. Be extremely careful out there.

In other news, today is the movie release of the reboot classic “Ghostbusters“. In this new film, new and old fans will see the return of Ghostbusters in a all-new female crew. If you still got some love for the movie or a noob like me, go check out the film.

In anime news, Saturday at Toonami, the popular 2015 anime “One-Punch Man” will be joining Toonami with a new English Dub cast. If you enjoyed the anime last year, go watch it again in English. to those who don’t know, “One-Punch Man” was originally a Japanese webcomic made by a person named ONE, In 2012, ONE and manga artist Yusuke Murata teamed up and made a digital manga of “One-Punch Man” and the first ones to read it was people who subscribed to Weekly Shonen Jump. The series later got an anime adaptation in late fall 2015 and received positive reviews.

With that settle, it’s time to begin!

Here are some ghostly vids:

Happy Friday and go out capture some ghosts! 😉