My Pokemon Gym – Pokemon Tag

I want to thank Magnitude Reviews for choosing me for this Pokemon Tag.

As most of us know already, Nintendo already released the official app called “Pokémon Go”. In this app, users of iPhone and Android can finally capture Pokémon hidden outside in the real-world. This augmented device has became the greatest sensation for fans. As a fan who enjoyed the classic anime, I just had to get it. What better way to celebrate the release by writing a post on my ideal gym. This is my first time doing this and I may be breaking the rules, so excuse for this. It’s been a long time since I played a Pokémon game.

After looking at Magnitude Reviews‘ gym and the YouTube video by Bird Keeper Toby, I have been thinking really hard on what would my gym would like and what kind of Pokémon will I use if I was a gym leader. In a nutshell in the video Bird Keeper Toby discusses on what kind type of Pokémon will he use on his gym, what will it look like and what kind of trainers would the trainer would have to face. Magnitude Reviews mentioned that he would be a ground-type gym leader.

Gym Leader

If I was gym leader, I would be a water-type gym leader. I would most likely be the 3rd gym leader the trainer would have to face. If the trainer defeats me, they can get the HM surf.

Gym Design

As for design, I would want it based on Pastoria City but with more fishing docks and boats. I want my gym to look like a combination of Pastoria City and a safari zone to make it look like lake. The reason why is because my family enjoy fishing and we enjoy being with nature and away from the city and people. I like the smell of fresh air and clean trees, the perfect place to fish.

pastoria city safari3

Something like this (the pic on the right is from Knotts Berry Farm):

20160617_150459 20160629_103734

The gym will have fishing shop that will have a Pokémon healers. There will also be small boats that will take the trainer to different big boats where the trainer can battle.



The trainer will also have to face fishermen, tourists, and captains. The common Pokémon that each will use will be a Buizel, Poliwags, Poliwhirls, or Psyduck. The combination is random on the trainers.

Gym Leader Quote:

After the trainer defeats the other trainers, the trainer will have the honor of fighting me on a stadium floating in the middle of the water. Here is what I would say:

“Hey you finally made it. What took you so long? I hope you don’t fall asleep now. After this, I am going to wash you away with my skills and send you across the sea. Brace yourself!”

My Pokémon team:

Blastoise (Water)


Poliwrath (Water/Fighting)


Gyarados (Water/Flying)


Badge and TMs

If the trainer defeats me, they will be awarded with the Fen Badge and a TM. Unfortunately, I don’t what to give for a TM but the trainer will get the HM Surf.



That’s my ideal gym and these are Pokémon I would choose to use in battle. I hope you guys enjoyed this special tag post. I think I have messed on the Pokémon guidebook as a gym leader but I tried. It’s been a long time since I played Pokémon. I wanted to incorporate the Pokémon from Kanto and Sinnoh.

Here are the people I tag for this Pokémon tag. I can’t wait to see what you got:



Rose Regine


Anime Reviewer Girl

Pokemon Go News: Armed Robbers attack victims

Ever since the app “Pokémon Go” got released last week, many fans and users are leaving their homes and walking outside catching Pokémon with their phones. However, it can be dangerous walking with the app since it can take your attention away. Besides crossing the streets, draining batteries or driving with Go, the next dangerous activity is robbery.

Reported on Sunday, police officiers from O’Fallon, Missouri arrested four teenagers for armed robbery. The teenagers used a beacon to lure players and rob them. On Facebook, Police reports that the suspects used a handgun which was hidden in a BMW. According to authorities, the teenagers were the ages 16, 17, and 18 and they were charged for first-degree robbery and the fourth teenager is held in custody.

Pokémon Go users must be careful. Even though Team Rocket is not real but criminals are real. Be careful as you walk and observe your surroundings and don’t go alone.

Keep all eyes on your surroundings!!!