Pokemon Go News: Armed Robbers attack victims

Ever since the app “Pokémon Go” got released last week, many fans and users are leaving their homes and walking outside catching Pokémon with their phones. However, it can be dangerous walking with the app since it can take your attention away. Besides crossing the streets, draining batteries or driving with Go, the next dangerous activity is robbery.

Reported on Sunday, police officiers from O’Fallon, Missouri arrested four teenagers for armed robbery. The teenagers used a beacon to lure players and rob them. On Facebook, Police reports that the suspects used a handgun which was hidden in a BMW. According to authorities, the teenagers were the ages 16, 17, and 18 and they were charged for first-degree robbery and the fourth teenager is held in custody.

Pokémon Go users must be careful. Even though Team Rocket is not real but criminals are real. Be careful as you walk and observe your surroundings and don’t go alone.

Keep all eyes on your surroundings!!!


34 thoughts on “Pokemon Go News: Armed Robbers attack victims

  1. Yeah, that’s why I’m very careful about those spots. It’s pretty easy in NYC though since you’ll have around 8 Pokestops in the span of 1-2 blocks and all of them will have lures activated. From there, you quickly find a bench or stand in a very populated area (Always populated in the day-time) and catch the Pokemon. I’ve been fortunate to have such high levels of activity in the city, but I definitely feel bad for those in more secluded neighborhoods who don’t have a chance to really experience the game. Hopefully all other robbers like this are caught before more damage can occur.

    • Wow that’s a good thing to live there. You are stocked up and ready to catch. This is really scary news for users. Hopefully this will make people be aware of their surroundings. I already got startled after reading this.

      • It is definitely a very easy feature to exploit for both good and bad people so hopefully this will help more people be careful. Even if someone just wants to steal your phone, it would be easy. A lot of people over here are just walking with their phones out to grab Pokemon, it makes them very tempting targets.

      • Yeah by the look of things, hopefully this will be a wake up call to people. I can imagine it being easy to attack over there. With so many people on their phones, it makes robberies seem easy to do.

    • Haha well you don’t have to join the trend if you don’t want to get addicted, but it is fun. If you don’t mind walking and going to places, the app is quite fun and makes it feel like you are catching Pokemon.

  2. My siblings are playing this & my parents are so worried about them. I’m resisting the temptation. I can’t remember anymore how many times I almost downloaded this but had to stop. It’s really testing my resolve. I just know I’ll get addicted to it. 😓

    • It does get addicting. Don’t feel like you have to join in with the trend.With this news, anything can happen to players. It’s really scary to think about it. 😦

      • Indeed. Not to mention that my brother is using up all of his mobile data. He’s begging for more, no way my parents are going to let him have more so that he could play Pokemon Go.

      • Oh I see. It’s okay to have fun but he should know the priorities first. A phone is there for calling or texting. I can imagine getting data being a hassle.

      • He is? What could he possibly blackmail? He needs to learn that data is not easy to obtain. It’s actually harder. Money doesn’t grow on trees. :/

      • Exactly. He’s 13 years old, so he’s on the verge of puberty. He’s not exactly that concerned with money, since he’s not the one earning it. I just heard him say give me more data or I’ll starve myself. He won’t actually do it, of course since he’s currently eating everything inside our refrigerator but it’s still not a good thing to hear.

      • He’s 13? I have a brother that is currently 15 and he always wants money. This doesn’t happen literally but he would always try to bet on my sister on anything for money. He relies on betting XD. You’re brother is insane for trying to starve himself.

      • Oh well. People those age are mostly crazy. I remember that I was too. Well, my brother’s just saying it. He’ s always starving & eating all the food in the house.

      • Yeah, these young kids don’t realize how hard to get something. Remember, we used to be like them as kids, even me. Haha thank God he’s still eating. He’s just making it seem like a big deal.

      • Well, he is 13, it will most likely get worse unless you or your parents assert some authority. I have one young brother and one older sister. I’m the middle child.

      • Oh! The middle child? I’m the eldest and the age gap is quite wide so I feel like they’re my own kids instead of just siblings. Never experienced sibling rivalry. Kind of lonely. How about you & your siblings?

      • You’re the eldest? That must be nice to be in charge, it’s quite cute :). I usually just stay away from rivalry. My sister and brother are constantly picking each other. I am either in sidelines or stuck in middle. XD

      • I feel like a parent. In fact, I’ve been thought as a teenage mom many times before because I was the one who pushed the baby strollers and I was the one who held them while walking.

        Ahaha! I don’t know whether you have it good or not. But at least it sounds like you’re not actively engaging in sibling quarrels.

      • Aww that’s cute. I can picture you as mother haha. It must have been nice to be able to do that. I haven’t held a baby about 3-4 years. I usually try not to get involve but when I do, I can be an ally or traitor to my brother and sister lol. I even try to stop disputes.

      • I tool care of my baby cousins so I’m pretty familiar with babies. Perhaps this is why I’m not too enthusiastic in having children of my own. 😑
        Ahahaha. That sounds annoying. Do they team up against you?

      • Aw. Well at least you know what is like having babies and being a mom. Maybe when you get married, you will change you mind or you can try to persuade your husband to not have children XD.
        Usually, yeah. They would go against me. They would even bring back embarrassing moments of my life and share it with the family.

      • Ugh. I told my dad I’ll give him 4 grandchildren. 3 cats & 1 dog. I’ll just content myself being an aunt & spoiling my nieces & nephews without having the responsibility of actually having children of my own. 😑

        Ahaha! Well, that’s normal in my families.

      • Oh wow that’s a lot in a family. I say just keep the pets. At least they don’t ask for stuff like a cell phone. They just need food and love. XD
        Yeah that’s true. In families like this, it’s natural to have some family rivalry. Sometimes it can get out of hand and my parents get annoyed by it.

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