Friday Funny 65: Who you gonna call? One-Punch Man!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Good Morning happy people! Today is another episode of Friday Funny and I got some news before we get started. As many of you are aware, the app “Pokémon Go” has already taken the attention on everyone with a iPhone and Android user. Now users can be real-life Pokémon trainers and explore places. However, be cautious out there, danger is waiting every corner. Besides avoiding get run over by a vehicle, people can get lured and robbed by users who uses the beacons and chatrooms to steal phones. They are the closest to Team Rocket. Be extremely careful out there.

In other news, today is the movie release of the reboot classic “Ghostbusters“. In this new film, new and old fans will see the return of Ghostbusters in a all-new female crew. If you still got some love for the movie or a noob like me, go check out the film.

In anime news, Saturday at Toonami, the popular 2015 anime “One-Punch Man” will be joining Toonami with a new English Dub cast. If you enjoyed the anime last year, go watch it again in English. to those who don’t know, “One-Punch Man” was originally a Japanese webcomic made by a person named ONE, In 2012, ONE and manga artist Yusuke Murata teamed up and made a digital manga of “One-Punch Man” and the first ones to read it was people who subscribed to Weekly Shonen Jump. The series later got an anime adaptation in late fall 2015 and received positive reviews.

With that settle, it’s time to begin!

Here are some ghostly vids:

Happy Friday and go out capture some ghosts! 😉

2 thoughts on “Friday Funny 65: Who you gonna call? One-Punch Man!

  1. Hahaha–

    *reads Nintendogs entry*

    O_O Whatever *did* ever happen to my puppy?

    Well…I’m sure I have some dead Tamagotchi around somewhere to keep it company. They can plan their revenge on me together.

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