inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) Review

Amazon Plot Description:

inFAMOUS Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, brings you an action adventure game where surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he’s forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. The actions he takes along the way will change the future of everyone around him. A New Origin Story: Step into an open world adventure that offers a realistic take on being superhuman. Choice and Consequence: Witness how the city, the people you encounter, and even the story itself is all affected by the actions you take. Control Multiple Powers: Draw powers out from other superhumans, creating your own set of distinct powers to use as you see fit. Freely Explore the City of Seattle featuring highly detailed environments, realistic weather, reflections, shadows and lighting.

*end description*

The creators of inFamous return in this new story filled with new characters, plot and powers. This is the third (fourth if you count Festival of Blood for PS3) installment to the inFAMOUS series. In this review, I will be discussing the highs and lows of this PS4 exclusive game. After this review, I will let you decide on whether you should buy this game, or not. There is no spoilers!


Unlike the previous games, players will not be playing as Cole MacGrath and his electric powers. Instead, the game introduces to new and young protagonist named Delsin Rowe (voiced by Troy Baker), a graffiti artist and a delinquent at the Akomish reservations. He is the younger brother of Reggie Rowe (voiced by Travis Willingham), who is also a sheriff. Both these brothers are Akomish Native Americans and their life at the reservations changes when a military truck filled crashes at their place with three conduits (humans with superpowers) escape. Delsin makes physical contact with one of the escapees and absorbs his powers on accident and granting him the power of smoke.

Skipping ahead, after the head of the DUP Brooke Augustine attacks Delsin and the people at the reservations for suspecting for being bio-terrorists (conduits that negatively labeled as terrorists), Delsin wants to use his new powers to fight against the corruption of the DUP. With the help of his older brother Reggie and other conduits, Delsin will fight at Seattle and stop the corruption.

Story Length

Just like the previous inFAMOUS games, the game is open-world. Meaning, players are able to explore the game’s world and progress through the story at their own pace. There is no rush to complete the story, in a essence. The game’s objective is divided into several missions: the story objective and side missions.

The story objective is self-explanatory but these missions the ones that will help the player advance through the story. As players go through these objectives, there will be a point where players will encounter a moment in the story where they must decide an outcome. This is called, the Karma Moments. Delsin must decide out of the 2 choices and whatever he chooses will affect the game, he could be a hero or villain based on the decisions.

The side missions are objectives that are additional mission for the players but they won’t affect the game’s story. These missions could be finding intel or spies, fighting against an army, or doing graffiti art.


Personally, I had a good time doing these side missions and progressing through the story. I chose the hero story and I really like the interaction with Delsin and Reggie. Delsin is a funny guy and I like how he also cares about his friends and brother. Since I did the hero story, I can’t really comment yet on the villains because I haven’t completed it yet. The main story has it’s moments where the missions were easy and heard but quite enjoyable. However, if you just focus on doing the main story, the story is not lengthy as the the first inFAMOUS. It’s not too short but you can finish the game in couple of days. The side missions can also be problem as well. Besides difficulty, the missions can be repetitive and it can be time-consuming to finish all of them. You mostly repeat the same thing over and over again. If you plan to complete the game and the missions altogether, be prepared to do these repetitive missions. The story felt like the X-Men based on the themes of oppression and super powers.


Just like the past games, Delsin has an unique ability to climb on buildings and other high structures. Delsin tends to like to grab anything that with a surface. This can quite tedious because Delsin may grab on to something even though the players didn’t want him to grab. Mentioned before, Delsin will gain powers has he progress through the story. Unlike having one power like Cole, he will gain multiple powers. Without going into details on how he gets them, Delsin, by absorbing his surroundings, he can get powers like Neon and shoot lasers or concrete and perform rocky attacks. The only way he can switch his powers is too absorb the nearest environment based on the map. He can absorb neon lights or smokey cars to gain power. Players will able to enhance these powers by using blast shards, special items that are scattered around Seattle; unlike using experience points just like the past inFAMOUS.


Personally, I really enjoyed the new changes by allowing us to have multiple powers. It felt like the Fantastic Four because each power has its ups and downs. One may be stronger than the other or faster or slower. I had a blast exploring and fighting through the town. As I was following the hero story, I felt like a hero and protecting people. I also like how they improved the blast shard locations. They made it easy to find and collect. In inFAMOUS 1, they were not marked and I couldn’t find the last one. I did have an issue on the camera while climbing. Sometimes the camera would be at a awkward angle as I went up high to a building. This is just me, but I did feel overwhelmed when the DUP would attack all at once. I had to retreat and heal and return to the battle. If you can’t handle fighting against an army on your own, it can be complicated to win.


inFAMOUS: Second Son is a great PS4 title. You can easily jump into the story with ease. The controls are not too hard and it makes great use on the motion sensors and touch pad. The voice acting is great, especially if you like Troy Baker, Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey. If you like Marvel X-Men and Fantastic Four, you will definitely like the super powers and the combat gameplay. The story length was decent but it could have been added more. The side mission was repetitive and didn’t change as much. Overall, this was great game and I enjoyed what it offered.

What about you guys? Do you have this game? What did you think of it? Comment down below. Let me know if I forgot something.

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  2. Agreed I love this game. Has some great replay factors because depending on what path you choose, you can go back and do the other path. I also love the Spray Paint challenges, those were cool!

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