Manga news: Both Bleach and Nisekoi concludes at August


According to Crunchyroll, an early issue Shonen Jump magazine revealed that issue number 36-37 will have feature the end of the manga Bleach and Nisekoi. Both of these manga will be getting color pages and Nisekoi will have up to 25 pages. Besides these two series, the manga Boruto, One Piece and Neverland will also be getting color pages.

Bleach volume 74 will conclude the story and will be released in the fall.

Are you guys ready for the end for two series?


19 thoughts on “Manga news: Both Bleach and Nisekoi concludes at August

  1. For Bleach, it finally end soon and I’m glad. I wait the ending until I’m lazy to wait for a long time.

    For Nisekoi. Well, it seems the final girl of Nisekoi manga was revealed. Just as Nisekoi analysis mentioned. It collected many clues and hints from many chapters from manga until ch 221 (promised girl). If anyone want to read that, you can proceed via link in my username.

    • I am excited for both these series to be finish. Still, it will feel weird to see them gone, especially with Bleach. Personally, Bleach was part of the big 3 like One Piece and Naruto. With Naruto over and Bleach is approaching the finish line, I wonder what will be the next big 3. Also, thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. It’s going to be interesting with Bleach’s ending. One guy listed all of the open plot points and there are about 50. No way they will all wrap up in time so I suppose the ending will have some mystery elements now! For Nisekoi I’m around halfway through the series I believe so it will be a while before I see the ending. This is truly a dark day for Shonen Jump readers as it will be tough to replace those two heavy hitters!

    • I’m curious about will Bleach end. I just hope Tite Kubo doesn’t wrap up the story too fast with unanswered questions. As for Nisekoi, I am ready to see this romantic-comedy harem series reach the end. With 2 series finishing up, what could replace Bleach and Nisekoi?

      • Trust me, there will be a lot of unansered questions. With at least 50 of them currently going on, I think he’ll probably just answer about 3-5 and then call it a day. The final chapter will probably be more of an epilogue than anything else. To an extent, My Hero Academia is replacing Bleach for me since I just started that title. As for Nisekoi, I’m still pretty behind on the series but once I catch up maybe World Trigger will be its replacement. I started that one briefly, but I haven’t had time to return to it yet.

      • Still 50 unanswered questions? How will Kubo deal with that. He could just do an epilogue. I wonder how will Ichigo will defeat a god like villain under these short chapters left. I need to get started on the story of My Hero Academia. I have been hearing that’s been good and I do like superheroes. I kinda forgot about World Trigger.

      • Well, the second last chapter already came out and the fight ended on the last page. Unless Kubo pulls another fake out again the final chapter will probably mostly be Ichigo bragging a little and then hopefully getting the respect he deserves as he goes back to Earth. Being promoted to a full-time soul reaper would be pretty fun. Hero Academia is definitely pretty solid, I’d certainly recommend it.

      • Oh really? I can’t wait until the issue to be released and see how it goes. A friend of mine totally recommend me the series My Hero Academia. I like the hero All Might and his attacks like Detroit Smash. His funny appearances from macho man to dried appearance cracks me up XD.

      • I’m kinda sad. ONE PIECE is the only one left standing. But oh well, it’s been a while since I’ve read the latest chapters of Bleach. When it’s finally done, then I can focus on reading it in peace. I just hope that now it’s over, they continue the anime where they left off. It’s been a long time coming.

      • I know that feeling. With Naruto over and Bleach is doing the same, the Big 3 will end without these two. One Piece is still alive for now and it’s only 65% complete. I would love to see Bleach return. They did that with Inuyasha, I can see them doing it like Bleach.

      • Indeed. At least Naruto anime is still going strong. I hope that Bleach gets another anime adaptation. It still has a strong fanbase.

        ONE PIECE rocks!

      • Yeah I noticed that Naruto is still going. At least it is still here to entertain us fans. If Bleach gets an anime adaptation again, I will be glued on my computer for every new episode XD. What you said about One Piece is a fact, not opinion. I support that lol. WE ARE!

      • Same here! Of course I still love ONE PIECE more than the other two, but Bleach will always have a special place in my heart. I would be more than overjoyed if it gets another anime adaptation.

      • They are all good series. I like One Piece but now with all this news going on, I feel like Bleach is my second favorite series. What I like about the anime was the music and how the characters always looked amazing. I would love to see the final arc animated along with the voice cast.

      • Personally, I can agree on the characters. Tite Kubo knows how to make handsome men and beautiful. His story has room for improvement.

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