Friday Funny 67: Stay in School

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hey everyone! Today is another episode of “TGIF: Friday Funny” and I am here to bring you some daily dose of funny memes and videos. Expect the unexpected. In this episode, I decided to title this because this next week at August, there many people who have to go back to the “s” world, school. Whether it is elementary, middle school or high school, all students and teachers will have to go back to school and learn. This is also the time for school shopping and haircut appointments. This also means, it’s time to go back to doing homework or grading papers and dealing with obnoxious students or grouchy teachers. Fret not though, because I bring good news!

Announced at Comic-Con, Warners Bros announced and released the trailers to not one but two DC films. We got the Justice League and Wonder Woman! Zack Snyder, the director who worked on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, returns and will be directing these titles at 2017. Justice League will take place after the events of Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman will focus on Diana’s early life as she fights in WWII.

In other news, SEGA announced some new upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog games that will be released in 2017. Sonic Mania is one of the new games and players will have to rely on their old skills and play this new Sonic game. Another game which is temporary titled as Project Sonic 2017, a new Sonic game with the return of classic and modern Sonic.

Also, the classic Marvel game Marvel Ultimate Alliance is back and re-release for PS4 and Xbox One. Both 1 and 2 are available for download. Each of the games cost $40 dollars but it will cost $60 for a bundle. Recruit and assemble your own Marvel team.

Without further ado, let’s begin this episode!

To end this post here is the opening theme songs to Nisekoi and Bleach. These two Weekly Shonen Jump series are ending real soon. Raku will make a decision on which girl he will love in Nisekoi and Ichigo and his friends will fight the final battle with Yhwach. What if these two switched? What Raku had to use gentlemen personality to defeat Ywhach and save the world and Ichigo had to find the promise girl?



28 thoughts on “Friday Funny 67: Stay in School

  1. Looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie and I like how she was introduced into the Batman vs. Superman movie… liked that movie a lot too and I’m surprised that it received so many bad reviews as I thought the pacing, story line and action were all very well done.

    • Yeah the Wonder Woman movie looks promising. Personally, I enjoyed Batman v Superman. I think it got mixed reviews because of the fans complaining. Let’s hope Wonder Woman and Justice League will make the fans happy. πŸ™‚

      • DC looks to be making a real effort to match Marvel when it comes to the cinema but they have a lot of catching up to do. I just thought about the Supergirl TV series, I wonder if they’ll be able to keep it going as I read awhile ago that they were having issues with their budget =(.

      • Yeah. DC and Marvel are always competing each other. I heard about Supergirl. I haven’t seen it but I heard it has mixed reviews compared to Arrow and the Flash.

  2. Happy Friday, Matt! Indeed, we didn’t grow up but we EVOLVED! Love that mean. The Trump lips & eyes meme is hilarious! Thanks for another entertaining Friday Funny post. Keep it up. Cheers!

    • Thank you Arria! Yes I agree. As Pokemon fans, we didn’t grow up, we evolved. Pokemon is part of our lives. It’s so scary that Donal Trumps eyes and lips can be the same XD. Thank you for visiting my Friday posts! Cheers πŸ™‚ .

      • No problem. That Pokemon meme was awesome! Hmph. I don’t want to talk about Trump. My day’s going to get ruined. And keep this up. I’m also looking forward to that special post you told me about on Twitter.

      • Yeah, I felt like this was the perfect time to use since the Pokemon go trend is here. With these past days, not many people are liking Trump or Hillary -_-. Oh yes the special post, I am looking forward to it too. I am hoping to get it started and finished soon. Hopefully this weekend doesn’t distract me again. XD

      • I will have fun with it. I am not sure if it will tie in to a blog carnival but I will be happy to share my story about how I started these Friday posts. Thanks for all the encouragement. πŸ™‚

      • Aw yeah! I missed your blog carnivals. I’m not sure if this special post will be anime related like before but I will try to finish it.

      • Thanks! Well, the coming carnival has been delayed for many times now because I didn’t expect that I would have to extend my break. But it’s okay.

        That’s fine. It doesn’t have to be anime-related entirely, as long as it’s otaku-ish which I’m sure it is.

      • Take as much break you need. We can all wait until you are fully sure we can do this carnival. It’s only fun if you are here and ready for fun.
        My post I will try to mention how it involves with my otaku hobbies. πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome Arria. We enjoy your blog carnivals. You’re like the Walt Disney of your carnivals. You made it possible to bring us together. πŸ™‚

      • Ahahaha! Oh wow. Thanks. I’m very thankful that all of you help out and actively participate. Hosting it wouldn’t be fun if nobody participates.

      • We enjoy them because that’s how we meet new people. Thanks to you, I met some great bloggers out there. It’s not fun without you. We do it for you and for fun. That’s the point of the carnival. Just like your rules states, we share and we visit each others blogs.

      • I can’t wait for it. I need to finish this post to share with everyone. I just love your carnivals. If there’s any delays, let us know and we will understand. πŸ™‚

    • If you are laughing even today, that’s good news. These memes are here for a reason. Feel free to look at them any time and any year πŸ™‚

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