Friday Funny Episode 68: We’re all Mad!

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday!

Hello my crazy friends and welcome to the madhouse! Today’s post will be about DC’s second film of 2016 “Suicide Squad.” In this movie, watch as Amanda Waller (played by Violet Davis) recruits a secret team of dangerous criminals in order to do dangerous missions. Margot Robbie will play as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto will be the new Joker. There is also word that Batman will also appear in this movie but as a cameo. Sorry Bats. If you plan to watch it or you already seen it, tell me how it is. Is it good or a let down? Don’t spoil the movie for us.

In other news, New York states that Pokemon Go is prohibited to registered sex offenders; it would be violation on parole and they have requested special permission from the app developers for hope they prevent more crimes. Also like the upcoming American TV show of Death Note, it’s been announced that Sword Art Online will also get a live adaptation and it will be done from an American company.

If everything goes well with my aniblogging friend and Captain of NinjaPirateers Arria of Fujinsei, Monday is the return of the blog carnival. Be sure to post and share at this carnival and meet other bloggers. I will be posting a special post to share with others for the carnival. Keep us in prayers.

I forgot to mention last week but one of my blogging friends Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl, 2 weeks ago, was guest star on a podcast called Anime Podcast of Some Sorts. In this podcast, she discussed about upcoming anime and gaming news of Sonic the Hedgehog with the crew. The podcast is here and you can explore around the team’s website here. Also, Anime Reviwer Girl (Shay) and LitaKino of LitaKino Anime Corner have come together to do a Podcast in Youtube on Saturdays. Listen as these two Sailor Moon fans discuss about anime and their interest. The Podcast is called Senshi Ani Girls and it will be on Saturdays at 7Pm PST or 9PM EDT. Please be sure to support and give them a like and subscribe. Let them know I sent you there. 😉

With that said, time to be insane!

Here is some fun videos for all of you!

Thanks to my college friend ToniAnne Erickson, I found this song. Thanks ToniAnne for being my first awesome friend when I started college. This is her favorite band. 😉

Here is to end this post, here is some ending songs from Bleach and Nisekoi. It’s time to say goodbye to two manga series. Thanks for the fun we had. Thank you Tite Kubo and Naoshi Komi.

Sayonara 🙂

62 thoughts on “Friday Funny Episode 68: We’re all Mad!

      • Cheers. Yeah, its was an ok movie, lots of fun and action, but its a bit of a mixed bag overall. Good, but nowhere near as good as it could’ve been.

      • Yeah, it had lot of potential that seemed to be thrown away – poor editing to blame I think. Maybe there will be a Director’s cut or something later? Overall, though, I was glad I went to see it. Suicide Squad was ok, lots of action and some fun moments, but it could’ve been so much better. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you’ve seen it as well. Have a great weekend 🙂

      • Oh okay, thank you :). I would imagine them making a rated R Director’s cut like they did with Batman v Superman. I did hear they took some stuff out while making the movie. I hope this doesn’t become a trend for DC films. Besides the criticism, the movie looks fun to watch. Have an awesome weekend! 🙂

  1. I saw it yesterday so I won’t spoil anything, but I thought it was a pretty good movie! I definitely curious to see what DC has in store for us in their future films!

    (Side note: it’s Viola Davis not Violet)

    • Oh my bad. I thought I put it correctly. Thanks for the correction. I heard it was meh but I am not sure why. The movie looks entertaining. Too bad we will have to wait for 2017 for more DC movies.

      • No problem!😁 the reviews are all over the place for the DC movies… but it was a decent movie, not as cluttered as Batman v Superman which was good.

        Yeah I know right! I want to see more from DC, sooner than that lol

      • Unlike Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad looks like a movie where just watch mayhem and see many interesting criminals. It’s very different than a superhero film.
        Next year we’re getting Justice League and Wonder Woman! Get ready for more action!! Hahaha

      • I’m still on the fence about Batman v Superman. Yeah it was an okay film, however I think the overall film was bloated. They crammed so many great dc comic storylines into the film without fleshing out any of them.they could have just as easily divided Batman v Superman into a few stand alone films that all led up to a Justice League film and it wouldn’t have felt so rushed. But I think Ben Affleck did a great job as Batman! I was actually really pleased with his performance

      • Oh yes definitely. Ben Affleck was a great Batman. I like his action and performance as Batman compared to Christian Bale’s version. I think the director was trying force everything at once so they can get started for Justice League. There was too much of going on. We didn’t see much of Wonder Woman and Doomsday just comes out of nowhere just for the Trinity to be formed.

      • Yes! My thoughts exactly! Plus I found it funny that they had batman be the force behind joining the Justice League especially since he isn’t big on teams

      • Yeah that is weird to see him deciding to make a team. Usually, he’s always that guy who would work alone unless he has too. I guess the movies will explain in more details on why having the team is important.

  2. I’m seeing the Squad on Sunday so hopefully it’s fun. Personally, I’m not expecting myself to like it since I prefer the more cheerful upbeat Superhero films, but maybe it’ll surprise me!

    • That’s cool. I want to see it. This movie looks different compared to other films considering that it’s mainly on the criminals. We shall see how this is different.

  3. I’m really interested in watching the Suicide Squad because a squad of villains? awesome. But then i realised it was the DC villains and then i start to wonder if i should actually watch it because i haven’t really watched marvel and dc so will i enjoy all the references and apparently the ratings aren’t really good.

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