Anime News: Yahoo View


The streaming service and competitor to Netflix, Hulu, announced yesterday that they stop free streaming their shows and move on to a paid subscription plan. Along with this, they will also be moving the this plan to a new service by Yahoo called Yahoo View. Based on what the article says, Yahoo View will have anime, Korean Dramas and movies along with 5 latest episodes from TV shows from channels ABC, NBC, and Fox eight days ahead the original broadcast.

The fee will be $7.99 with commercials a month and it will be $11.99 for a month without commercials.

Yahoo View will include a “beyond the episode” section where it will include a community-watch experience. Viewers will be able to view memes and GIFs from Tumblr and it will include a “block content” feature to avoid spoilers while watching episodes. Yahoo View is hoping to also be included in phone apps.

What do you guys think about this news? Are willing to try out Hulu and the Yahoo View? Comment below.