Light Novel news: Sword Art Online arc in 2017! Spice and Wolf Daughter revealed!!

Sword Art Online

Revealed today, Reki Kawahara’s light novel Sword Art Online revealed the 18th volume and the 18th novel will be the end of the “Alicization Arc.” A new arc has also been announced and it will begin in 2017. The new arc states “Kirito will return.”

The Alicization Arc started in in Japan in 2012 and YenPress has been licensing Sword Art Online light novels.


Spice and Wolf

Revealed in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, Spice and Wolf author Isuna Hasekura’s series Spice and Wolf revealed that the sequel to the story of a new character. Myuri, the daughter of Lawrence and Holo. She is a young girl with the same hair color as her father, Lawrence, and her mother’s will, Holo. Myuri is the main character in Hasekura’s new series New Theory Spice & Wolf: Wolf & Parchment.

Holo daughter img_4086r


In the story, Tote Col encounters Myuri when, while on his journey to become a clergyman, he comes to a bathhouse where Lawrence is currently residing.

New Theory Spice & Wolf: Wolf & Parchment (or Shinsetsu Ōkami to Kōshinryō Ōkami to Yōhishi) goes on sale in September 10 in Japan.