Gaming News: Final Fantasy XV Delayed for November

Already confirmed online today and rumored yesterday in my Twitter Feed, Square Enix confirmed that the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XV will be delayed. The game will be released on November 29, instead of September 30. Game directer Hajime Tabata, in a video he posted, states that the game needed more time to allow players to play the game in the highest quality. He states that the Master Version is finished but he and his want wants to create a Day-One Patch and in order to play without issues, they need more time. He states also that he is hoping to bring in more DLC and patches to the game.

What do you guys think about this news?

Personally, at first I was disappointed because we had to wait again until the game gets released. However, on the positive notes, this will allow people to have more time to preorder the game. This will also how the creators to deal with glitches or any other issues dealing with the game. A delayed game is better than a rushed game.

In past news, Final Fantasy XV is already planned for DLCs such as a season pass and a Premium Digital Edition. The Premium Digital Edition will include a digital copy of the game and the DLC for $89.99. The regular season pass is about $25 and it will include special episodes of the characters like Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

August 19th is also the film release of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.


68 thoughts on “Gaming News: Final Fantasy XV Delayed for November

  1. Yeah, like everyone else is saying, it’s pretty sad to see it delayed, but I’m sure that the quality improvements will be worth it. I am looking forward to it a lot though…so it better not be super glitchy and broken anyway. Now That would be a disappointment D:

      • Yeah. Thats what I would expect too. Square Enix is really a class act. And it figures they would want to be meticulous in developing the game that saved SQUARE 29 years ago. πŸ™‚
        Actually thats right, next December is the 30th anniversary. Fun fact, did you know the Spell Ultima in the game is named after a game that helped inspire Hironobu Sakaguchi?

      • Really, their anniversary is on News Year Eve? That’s pretty cool and I didn’t know about the Ultima spell. I guess I learned something today. Lol

      • Well actually December 18th. I think I might write up and schedule a blog post that day on the history of Final Fantasy.
        In fact i think this year I will do a post on shy the gaming industry as it is today could not exist without Final Fantasy. I mean without Final Fantasy SQUARE would have gone bankrupt and never merged with enix in the 90’s to become SquareEnix.

      • Yeah. And no SQUARE means no SquareEnix which means no Metal Gear and other games that simply made gaming. Hell Sony Probably wouldn’t have stepped into the console game if it were not for SquareEnix.

      • Indeed I know alot of cool things. I feel like we are bogging up your comments though. If you want to email me I can share more of my amazing knowledge and opinions. My blogs contact email is in the Contact Me section of my wordpress. πŸ™‚

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