Danganronpa Tag!

I want to thank TwoHappyCats for choosing me for this Danganropa Tag. I am kind of familiar with Danganronpa but I never played the games or even watched the anime but I have heard about the plot. If my understanding is correct, it’s a series about high school students being forced to play a life-and-death game led by a robot controlled bear.

Here is what TwoHappyCats describe it:

The general idea of Danganronpa is that there is a high school called Hope’s Peak Academy. Each year the school ‘scouts’ elite individuals to be invited to study at their school – these individuals are considered the top in their field at something. It can be pretty much anything like housekeeping, nursing or photography. All goes well, until a sadastic little bear comes along and forces them to have a psychological battle with their very lives at stake.

Basically, the point of this tag is supposed is fun way to for people to share their own “Ultimate” skill as a high school student and what kind of game would you make. In this tag, I will be talking about what kind of skill would have and how it will be different than other students. I will also share on my ideal game that will force players to test their might.

Ultimate Skill

Based on what I do online, I usually just browse through the web and search for information regarding to anime news and reports. I think my skill would be gathering intel. I am one that would be quite while I just look through information with my phone and share it. I am also quite friendly to people. I don’t mind talking to people and I like to get know them and form bonds.

I would be that one friendly friend that is willing to have conversations and get information on topics or even people.

I am the “Human Resource” student!



The point of my game will be a test of morality. Once I befriends someone and then get close to me in a relationship and earn their trust, I capture them and place them in secluded room. The person will be strapped down and forced to answer personal questions. I would also question their relationships with friends and couples.


Me: If you had the power to kill any criminal in the world without any consequences and a gun in hand, would you do it?

Student: Yes

Me: What if the criminal was your boyfriend/girlfriend? Would you still do it?


The game will test person and see what is like to have deal with questions that are life and death. This trivia game will be around 30 minutes to an hour long. If they can get through without breaking down, they win.


Ironically, I would probably go mad or break down. I don’t think I can handle these personal questions myself. Even if I did, people will then won’t consider me as a friend. It’s like the saying goes: “You either die as hero or live long enough to be the villain”. This is a test to keep a person’s humanity and morality.

white bleach ichigo


Here is the nominees. If you are not listed here on this list, you can still do it and sign up to do this tag!

Kauses – Otaku Gamer Zone

Krystallina – Daiyamanga

Anime Girls NYC



48 thoughts on “Danganronpa Tag!

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    • Thank you XD. My original idea was more darker than this and results was gruesome. Since it was going to focus on academy/school, I thought the worst thing people have to deal is taking a test for a long time. Sounds evil!

      • Okay. My original idea was going to question the victim’s own morals and philosophy like their religion beliefs, politics, or other issues. Even as go as far to believing if history is true or made up. The death result of the game will cause the victim to wanting to commit suicide or go insane because they can’t handle what is true or false. Sounds messed up huh? 😛

      • OOOH YESSSS!!! Oh my gosh that sounds amazing! I would go crazy, cause I’m like that guy from Adventure time who has an ‘approximate knowledge of all things’, so I would never be truly confident in what I knew 😛

      • Thanks. It does sound insane. I wanted to see what would would really happen when someone has to deal with these situations. I got this idea from the Joker from The Killing Joke. I wanted the person to go insane! XD

  2. You should check out the games. I think the first one was ported over to PC recently. The anime is okay, although it rushes the game’s story a bit.

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