A Little Shoutout

Thank you for this shout-out. I am sorry that it took me a while to see this. 🙂

Expensive Rainbows

Hello again, my little magical minions! I have a little secret to share with you!

*drumroll please*

We’re at 262 followers! Can you believe that?!

No, Inf, all of your posts are so horrible that it’s not possible.

Anyways, I want to give some of my bestest (just as boredomness has become a word in the blogiverse, so has bestest) blogging friends a shoutout for being there with me!

Here goes!

  1. OY30 – My little buddy here (nerd twins forever! ;D) is always reading and commenting the loveliest things on my posts. I love you!!!
  2. Twinkels – Ah, what can I say. Yoshino x Reine = Reino! Yeah I was just looking back at our chat on Hangouts xD Anyways, my bae Twinkels here makes amazing edits, so head on over for headers and whatnot! Go! Bye! Lmao
  3. Psychicpostpirate – Do you remember how I liked every single one of…

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