30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 0

I hinted this in Twitter briefly and not in details but I mentioned on Saturday that I was planning a special project. I was planning this all day on Saturday and I even wrote out my answers and on my phone. However, I forgot to save my work and I had to start all over :(. Now that I finally know I am prepared, I can safely say that today is the day I will accept this challenge. I, Matthew of Matt-in-the-Hat, will embark on this 30 Day anime challenge!

30 day anime challenge tumblr_mxyt9hNs7O1qidgjyo1_1280

After watching people do this challenge, I thought it was quite fun. I will admit, I was hesitant to do this because I was afraid to come across a question I didn’t have the answers to. I was also worried if there was any special rules involved but apparently, not really.

These people here are what inspired me to do this challenge! :

These are some I got inspired. If you are not listed here, I am sorry. I tried to remember everything but I guess I have poor memory. Anyway, this is beginning. Tomorrow is day 1!