One Piece: Unlimited World Red review

In this video game, One Piece: Unlimited World Red is a video game where players will be able to play as Straw Hat Crew and explore uncharted areas of an unknown island. Play as your favorite member and fight waves of enemies, collect treasure and hunt/catch animals for cooking and construct items. This game also includes two original characters created by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda, “Red Count” Redfield and Pato, a tanuki with a pen as a tail.

Also included in this game is a mode called Colosseum Mode. In this mode, a separate story involves the Straw Hat crew and Law participating in tournament created by the villainous Warlord Doflamingo and supported the Marines and Marine Admiral Fujitora.

Platforms available:

  • PS3
  • PS Vita
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo 3DS

Main Story Synopsis:

Based assumption, The Straw Hats meet the mysterious Pato, a tanuki with pen for tail, and they come across a mysterious island. In the island, while everything seems peaceful, there is a lurking danger that awaits for the crew. For starters, everyone except Luffy and Pato gets kidnapped by remnants memories of Straw Hat’s past foes (Caesar, Rob Lucci, and etc.). Not only Luffy has to save his friends, but he also has to help the people living in the island rebuild their town Trans Town from an unknown enemy. As the Straw Hat traverse through fan favorite areas (Punk Hazard, Skypiea, Alabasta etc.), they come across a dangerous pirate named “Red Count” Redfield. Redfield is a dangerous pirate who is strong as Whitebeard and “Golden Lion” Shiki. Redfield is the one terrorizing the island and it’s up to Luffy and his friends to fight against his servants that are based on old foes.

Colosseum Synopsis:

Led by a mysterious invitation, the Straw Hats and Trafalger Law enters to a Colosseum tournament in hopes to getting the grand prize for Beli. However, they soon realize that the one who invited them and hosting the tournament is none other than the Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. To make matters worse, the Marine shows up for back up and even the new admiral Fujitora shows up to fight. Equipped with their skills and strength, the Straw Hats and Law must win in order to escape.


Unlike the Pirate Warrior series or Burning Blood, Unlimited World Red relies on the player to explore and collect items to progress through the game. The combat simple has been reduced and limited in order to perform easy combat. The combat also includes a counter function, when displayed and timed right, players would able to either block or counter sword swipes or cannons (Luffy with Gum-Gum Balloon, or Zoro using his sword to cut cannons in half). Each character has their own abilities in which players must learn in order to withstand the game’s challenges. While traveling, players will be accompied by two other members as the AI will be helping in the game. If you have friend, they can help out in the game. For example, Luffy is the first character to use and the most important to use in the game because his combat is easy to learn and he deals moderate damage on enemies. Franky is another strong person to use but he is also the most slowest character to use. He can also build cannon turrets to shoot at enemies. The game has about 20 playable characters to choose but they can only be playable in the challenge missions in the Main Story or in the Colosseum Mode.

Another thing this game encourages the players is to collect and use all the materials to expand Trans Town. As players expand the town, they will have access to equipment like fishing and medicine to help players recover health. The city is main focus on the game and that’s how will the story progress.


As a One Piece fan, I can safely say that this game was quite fun. I enjoyed playing with the characters. My favorite characters to use was Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. Since I also played the first Unlimited game One Piece: Unlimited Adventures, I already expected to do some exploration. One of the things I like was choosing my partners before going out to fight, I didn’t need to worry about fighting alone. The animation was also a sweet tweet because it almost reminded me of the anime animation. It wasn’t 3D like Pirate Warriors or Burning Blood (I like the 3D by the way). I also thought Redfield was a very cool antagonist. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to spoil the story but he is quite an interesting villain unlike the past enemies Luffy faced.

As much as I enjoyed this game, I did have some complaints. Since this was more towards to an exploration gaming, I constantly had to retrace my steps and had to look around. If you are looking for a specific item or animal, you would have to go through fighting the same enemies and remember where exactly you found them. In short, get ready to go back to places more than once. The Colosseum mode was fun but it can repetitive as you have to fight through the same enemies and bosses to reach further in the tournament.


One Piece: Unlimited World Red is video game that has tons of fun for the fans. It gives fans the thrill of fighting and exploring the One Piece universe in the island. Players will also enjoy Oda-sensei’s original characters and interact with them. If you are gamer that like to take its time and venture through areas, I recommend this this game.

Have you played this game before? If so, what do you think of it? Was there anything I missed on this review? Comment down below.

7 thoughts on “One Piece: Unlimited World Red review

  1. I definitely enjoyed the game quite a lot. I agree that going back and finding things was never great. Getting the platinum trophy in that game took me ages! It’s a lot less grindy than Pirate Warirors 3 though so I was glad about that. I ultimately think it was probably a little more fun as well.

    • Yeah I agree. I like this game but not so much retracing my steps. I guess it just me, but I got used to playing Pirate Warriors and I enjoy fast combat. That’s so awesome you got Platinum Trophy. I haven’t yet.

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