Superpower tag

I want to thank SeaStar for nominating me for this special Superpower tag.

Most of us at one point wish we can have any superpowers based on actual heroes from comic books or movies, anime, or even video games. In this tag, I will be sharing my answers and reveal what kind of superpower would I like to have if it was real.

What kind of power would I want?

I would say spider powers like Marvel hero Spider-Man but since I don’t live in an area where it doesn’t have tall buildings, I can’t chose it. Instead, I would like to have the ability to teleport to places!


The reason why I choose this power is because I think it would be awesome to go places in a instant. Without needing to drive, I can just vanish and be there in a flash. Obviously, I got this idea originally from Final Fantasy XV, lol. How it works still undecided. My first option would be that I can just imagine the place and appear to it. My second option is placing a special marker and going to that designated place. These are just what I thought.

Here is my nominations for this tag:


Sean Alpha


Paul Bowler

Have fun heroes and villains!


20 thoughts on “Superpower tag

    • Yeah I noticed that. There has to be a limit to it. I think Minato need a special kunai and mark to do it. I also heard that Noctis got his powers from a near-death experience.

      • Yeah. I think as long Minato can place a mark on something, he can instantly go there. I played the demo for FFXV and Noctis has to through his swords at area and it consumes MP.

      • True plus Noctis needs his sword to get stuck in an object. I think Nightcrawler from X-men would be a better choice.

      • Yeah, you’re right. Noctis needs solid ground. I was actually thinking of having Nightcrawler’s powers but I thought it would be fair if I had some limitations for myself.

  1. Great choice of superpower there Matthew, the ability to teleport would be so awesome! Have you seen the film Jumper, that’s a bit like that. For me, the superpower I’d like best, is super-speed, like The Flash. Would be amazing to be able to run and move that fast!

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