30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3

Favorite Male Character Ever…

Son Goku

This was actually pretty tough to choose when deciding on my favorite male character. It was tied between Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo. Instead, I chose Goku because if it wasn’t for him and the DragonBall series, we would never have these other characters. Goku is the strongest hero in Shonen anime that loves to fight the strongest and protect the weak. He has incredible power like the Super Saiyan transformation and his trademark Kamehame Ha. Another thing I like his mercy. Goku shows mercy on dangerous enemies like the Saiyans and even the killer Frieza. If you make this kind character angry, you better be ready for a beating.

Goku is my favorite character. Who is your favorite character?

36 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3

      • Yes! Vic Mignogna is a great character actor. He also voices Tamaki in the English Dub of Ouran HighSchool Host Club. I was fortunate enough to meet him and the actor who voiced Alphonse at an anime convention this year.

      • He is a great voice actor, he’s one of my favorites. I heard about that in Host Club. I just can’t help but think of Edward when I hear him speaking casually.

  1. Goku is certainly one of the forefathers of shonen anime heroes. My tastes tend toward more someone like Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. He is carefree yet tormented. Lazy but skilled. He’s far from perfect, but can always deliver in a pinch.

    • Spike is awesome. I like his voice in English and I agree with what you said. He looks like a chill guy but deep down, he has a lot things that can’t be expressed in one world.

  2. I’ll never forget Goku tranforming in to SSJ. And beating the living daylights out of Freeza. Agree his compasion get the better of him and it cost him an entire planet or two (if you’ve watched the movie or the tv show). Good pick Matt :).

    • Thank you. I remember seeing that episode. After Goku transformed, I still remembered seeing the calm and gentle hero turned into an angry warrior. I was rooting for him as he beat up Frieza. Goku is amazing! 😀

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