30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 4

Favorite Female Anime Character Ever

My answer is…


From the anime Akame ga Kill, Akame is deadly character in which equppied with a weapon that can kill anyone with one strike and incredible skills. This was a tricky question because it was either her or Asuna from Sword Art Online or Saeko from Highschool of the Dead. Reason I pick her is because how powerful she is. Almost like Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, Akuma has a dark past too and even though she’s not considered as a heroine, she doesn’t like how people are corrupt and filled with evil. I chose you because she excels in combat and beauty.

This is my pick. What’s yours?


17 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 4

  1. My choice is Kaori Miyazono. Without spoiling anything, I picked her because of her courage and how she inspired the other main character (Matt you have to watch YLIA).

  2. This one’s always been tough because I don’t usually have an answer off the top of my head. For now I’ll choose Slur from Megaman, but Dorothy (MAR), Harribel (Bleach) and Yuki (SAO) are top contenders as well.

    • Thank you. I have to agree, she did make me laugh whenever she’s hungry. In a funny way, I felt she was like Goku or other other protagonists. I find it funny that she never got fat from eating a lot of food. :p

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