30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 6

Anime you want to see but haven’t yet

Sailor Moon


My number one anime would be Sailor Moon. I keep hearing this anime being one of the best classics during the 90s along with Pokemon, DragonBall and others. As a kid, I never got into it. I do hear from my friends that the anime has positive reviews and great fans. Some of my friends here online and in real-life like this anime. Eventually, I would like to watch it.

Is there an anime you want to see?

30 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 6

  1. At the moment, the big one I haven’t seen is Hunter X Hunter. That said, my watch list is pretty crazy and I’m mostly just keeping up with new stuff at the moment.

    • I’m actually watch Hunter x Hunter in English at Toonami. It’s a good anime but I am slow person when watching anime. While everyone already finished the anime, I’m barely getting into it XD.

    • There are so many episodes of Hunter X Hunter, but given all the positive reviews, I broke down and began watching it on Netflix. So far, it’s really interesting. I’m like you though, my watch list is pretty full!

      • Grave of the Fireflies is amazing, especially if you love historical type anime. It will emotionally destroy you, but because it is a Studio Ghibli film, you will forgive them!

      • It will absolutely shatter your heart, but in a good way. (if that makes sense?) You can stream it free online, just from a quick google search. If you do watch it PLEASE let me know your thoughts!

    • I’ve been wanting to watch Baccano too and I’m in the same situation. 😛 Crunchyroll doesn’t have it available, whats up with that?

      • I know! I checked on FUNimation too. I’ve heard a few mixed reviews about it because Baccano! doesn’t follow a linear storyline and some people hate that.

      • Yeah I heard the anime doesn’t have a straightforward story. I think the anime tells the story through the character’s perspective. The same creators to the series also did Durarara!! (or DRRR!!).

      • I’ve only watched one ep. of Durarara!! I just didn’t LOVE it. It may get better though. Thoughts?

      • I actually watching the first and I was lost. I didn’t understand what was going on. Don’t expect to know the story right off the bat. The anime is mostly focused on the characters. In the first episodes, you will meet these characters but later as you watch the show, they all come together and create the plot. Personally, I would recommend this anime but if you don’t like an anime where the plot is hidden and its focused on the characters, you can drop it.

  2. Definitely! The biggest anime that I want to see would probably be Reborn! Other contenders are Pretty Cure, Saint Seiya, and Toriko. I’ve heard really good things about the anime adaption for Toriko and look forward to seeing it someday. Especially since it had that crossover with DBZ and One Piece.

    • Yeah I want to see Toriko. I saw the crossover with him with One Piece and I like it. I have been told that Reborn is actually pretty neat. Too bad the manga discontinued.

      • That definitely was a shame. The author was able to wrap up the ending in a satisfying way though and the final two arcs were awesome. Tsuna’s power at the end of the series rivals that of Ichigo and Naruto’s. I hope they get animated some day.

      • Agreed! I own a few volumes of the manga, but it’s a little discouraging to buy the others since it will never be a full set. Stopping a series in the middle is definitely terrible, especially since it ended so early. Although, I suppose it would be just as tragic if it had stopped right before the ending.

      • That’s sad to hear. Not this manga but also I hear that is what happened to Gintama and Strawberry 100%. This is why I am a little bit nervous on reading the Hunter x Hunter manga because the creator does go through hiatus.

      • Yes, I have given up hope on HXH ever ending. I believe it will either be cancelled at some point or it’ll just…end, with no actual ending. It’s a shame since the series was quite good. It dropped off for a few years with the Chimera Ant arc filler, but had started to rise up again.

      • Yeah I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Personally, I want it to end with a decent ending so we don’t have to deal with these hiatus. At this point, anything can happen with the author. This series has got a lot of fans to support this anime/manga.

  3. You’re in a uniqure position Matt. Unlike a lot of the viewers that have seen the 90′ Sailor moon. The new ones unforetunately gets compared to it. Whilst I have seen a few of the episodes from the old one. I don’t mind how the new ones turned out. So for you, it will be a complete fresh experience.

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