30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9

Best Anime Villain

Marik Ishtar

From the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series, I choose Marik Ishtar for best villain. Out of all the villains I seen in anime, this guy is the first one I hated and I thought his actions were scary. Wanting revenge on the Pharaoh, Marik with the power of the Millennium Rod and the Egyptian God card The Winged Dragon of Ra, uses these tools and his henchmen to attack Yugi/Yami and steal what belongs to him. One of his well-known plots was using the Rod to brainwashed Yugi’s friend Joey (Jonouchi) force each other to duel to the death. Also joining this death game is another hypnotized friend named Tea (Anzu). A villain that uses the main character’s friends as a weakness is so evil.

What anime villain do you like?


17 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9

  1. I did love Itachi as a villain. He appeared terribly evil but you could understand his motivations once you learned more about him.

    Another villain I thought was just great was Vicious from Cowboy Bebop. Good villains should impact the hero dramatically, and he was the only one that consistently got under Spike’s skin every time he appeared.

    • Great choices. When I first saw Itachi, I really thought he was pure evil. Later on, I liked him. Vicious was definitely scary. He was the only guy that can affect Spike.

  2. Very good pick :D. He gave Atem a good run for his money. He isn’t picked but Dartz from the oricalcos arc. Even Pegasus J. Crawford. Not sure why they changed his name in the dub, it’s as English as you can get XDD.

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