Pokemon Go news: Buddy Pokemon feature

Announced today and at the official Pokemon Go app site, the team of Pokemon Go announced that they will be adding a “Buddy Pokemon” feature for the app. Based on what we know, this new feature will players to select one Pokemon at a time and they will appear with the trainer in the avatar screen. The benefits of doing this will allow players to gain in-game awards and experiences (like candy). The chosen Pokemon for the Buddy Feature is not permanent, this will players to switch out any Pokemon anytime. There is exact date but expect the new feature to appear in the fall.


TGIF Friday Funny 72: Pawn Shop

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday

I’m Matthew, and this is my blog. I work here with Son Goku and my son, Edward Elric. Everything in here has a story and a meme. One thing I’ve learned after a 1 and half years of blogging – you never know what is gonna come through this blog.

Hahaha! Jk. Hello everyone this is another exciting episode of Matthew’s TGIF: Friday Funny. I’m here to give you good quality dose of funny memes and gifs. Here is some exciting news. Today is the second day September and this means we are all on the last quarter of the year. We have this month, October, November and December. Can you believe that’s been a fast year for all us? Since Labor is on Sept 5th, no school or work on this day. It’s three day weekend! If you watch Toonami like me, Toonami will be premiering a One-Punch Man marathon. Later on the month, I will most likely be busy because I will be on vacation. I will keep you guys up to date. Before we start this post, let me be the first to say Happy Birthday to another friend, BUT it’s someone we know online.

Happy Birthday to Anime Reviewer Girl, Shay! Happy 26th Birthday and God Bless you. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a friendly aniblogger and YouTuber who does reviews and anime discussions.  Her YouTube channel is here and her blog is also here. If you like Sailor Moon, you will definitely enjoy talking to her.

With this settled, enjoy this post!


To end this post, here are some classic anime toys!

(This is where I got my Sandslash keychain!)

That’s all everyone. See you next time 🙂

God bless you!