Pokemon Go news: Buddy Pokemon feature

Announced today and at the official Pokemon Go app site, the team of Pokemon Go announced that they will be adding a “Buddy Pokemon” feature for the app. Based on what we know, this new feature will players to select one Pokemon at a time and they will appear with the trainer in the avatar screen. The benefits of doing this will allow players to gain in-game awards and experiences (like candy). The chosen Pokemon for the Buddy Feature is not permanent, this will players to switch out any Pokemon anytime. There is exact date but expect the new feature to appear in the fall.


4 thoughts on “Pokemon Go news: Buddy Pokemon feature

  1. Supposedly we may be getting it Monday or Wednesday, but just a rumor. Either way I’m hyped for this feature! Time to finally get a Gengar and a Haunter just by running around a lot. Level 27 at the moment so I like to think that I’ll have a full Pokedex (Not counting the out of country ones) by 30.

      • Well those are 2 that I’ll be walking around with as well! Trust me, not much changes between 15 and 26. I’m still missing all of the final starters and a few other final forms that are eluding me. I don’t see myself getting much farther than 30 though because with school around, I have a lot less time to play. Can’t wait til I’m retired and out of school xD

      • Haha yeah I need to find Bulbasaur. It’s the only the starter I’m missing XD. It’s a lot harder to evolve them since they need candy. If only I was in school and do my walking there. XD

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