30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 13

Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

It’s a tie between these two

Out of all the characters that fit me, I feel like I am more of Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul and Shinichi Izumi from Parasyte. If you are familiar with at least one of them, you would know that these protagonists starts off the anime as being shy and timid. They are also weak and easily discouraged. However, the first episodes, they gain a special power on accident and it changes their life forever. Later on, they go through some eventful moments in the anime and they soon change and become a whole person.

If you met me, you will understand that I am really a shy person in public. I easily feel awkward and I tend to run away from problems. I’m just regular guy who just wants to be friendly with people and I like to help others. Even though I don’t have an alien sidekick or ghoul powers, I do have special skill on writing and sharing my kindness.

These are the characters that I pick. Which anime character resembles you?

16 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 13

  1. Understandable choices Matt. Choices in which I can semi relate to as well. As I am a quiet person, who is shy in general. Although, if you saw my friends b-day karakoe video…. you wouldn’t believe it. Thank god you can’t see it either 😛 XDD.

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