The Seven Deadly Sins of One Piece

Inspired by ExperGamerz for his video “The 7 Deadly Sins of Dragon Ball Z”, and just like DragonBall Z, the anime One Piece is filled with  many interesting characters with different personalities and quirks. Today I will be discussing the idea of religion and the characters of One Piece. Not so much on the discussion of God or religious symbolism but on the topic of the Seven Deadly Sins. Here are the 7 Deadly Sins: Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Greed.

If you are familiar with One Piece, you might notice these sins on these characters from the show. Some may have committed a sin or even both or all but I will picking the one that sticks out the most. Here are my choices on these sins. (this post is also an assumption if you know about One Piece and the characters. Brace yourself some spoilers.)


Sloth, laziness, is a sin that makes people do less labor and not wanting to do anything. If you are too lazy to help people or do any work, you just committed a sin. In One Piece, I can think of two characters to fit in the category: Kuzan (Aokiji) or Gecko Moria. If I had choose one, I would pick Aokiji. Reason being is because, Aokiji is known for being lazy and always sleeping on the job. It’s surprising to see an admiral of the Marines just lay around and prefer to sleep than actively serving the marines. However, that doesn’t mean Aokiji is weak because he when does serve, he is actually quite powerful. He was able to defeat both Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in the first encounter. Aokiji represents the sin sloth.


Lust is another one of the seven sins. Lust is when someone has a sexual desire for someone. Usually, when someone lusts, they are thinking impure thoughts like having sex or wanting to see nudity. In One Piece, I bet most you believe that Brook because he has obsession of seeing woman’s panties but actually, I think the number one pervert would be Absalom. With the power of the clear-clear fruit, Absalom has the ability to turn himself invisible. With this ability, he was able to sneak a peak at Nami when she was bathing. After peeping her, Absalom plots to marry Nami by capturing her by force. Lust is not the same as love.

Absalom_Trying_to_Marry_Nami one piece


This one is easy to explain. Greed is when someone is wants more of they want and they do not want to share, usually it involves money or other material items. I can safely say that the one person who fits this would be Nami. Even as a child, Nami is well-known for stealing. Even though she had to steal to try to buy her home island from Arlong, she’s still greedy up to this point. One of the funniest parts in the anime is when she stole money from her own village after the fight with Arlong. If there is treasure nearby, she is willing to go out of her way and steal treasure.


Having tons of anger to something or someone is an example of wrath. With all that anger, people can cause destruction towards others and other things. Have you felt so angry that you wish you can crush people? I believe one person that can fit in this category is Whitebeard. Whitebeard is usually a calm old man but when you mess with his crew or even kill one of his “children”, you just signed off your own death. After witnessing the death of son Ace, Whitebeard, with the power of the tremor-tremor fruit, unleashes his rage on the killer, the admiral Akainu. If that wasn’t bad enough, he even wanted to sink and destroy the Marine Headquarters. Whitebeard is a man you don’t want to anger.

whitebeard one piece mad


The definition of pride is being happy of one skills and boasting about their personal strengths and honor. This one is actually a tough one because there a lot of characters that can fit into this category. Out of the choices, I have Ace, Arlong, Eneru, Spandam, Don Krieg, and Crocodile. Unfortunately, I have to pick one and I choose Crocodile. I pick him because he fought Luffy, he kept bragging about how powerful he is and he told Luffy that he doesn’t stand a chance against fighting a Warlord. He relied on his own sand powers and himself. He even tried to kill off his partner Miss All Sunday (codename of Nico Robin) because he never any trusted anyone to begin with. He only focused on his goals and his abilities.

episode-one-piece-108 Crocodile


Almost like greed, gluttony is when is consuming more than they should. This is mostly common for people who eat too much. Before you say that Luffy fits in the category, Luffy needs food to get stronger and it helps be active. Just like Goku, he’s using the food replenish himself and fight. The one person that fits in this category is Wapol. With the power of the munch-munch fruit, Wapol can eat anything and never be hungry. The reason he fits this category is that not he eats everything, but he doesn’t use the food to fight. As a king, he instead sends his troops to do the dirty work and he just gets his way every time. This king will do anything for something in his stomach.

Wapol_Anime_Pre_Timeskip_Infobox one piece


Last but not least, we have envy. Being envious is the same thing as jealous . It’s when people gets displeased when they not happy for they have and they seek more after comparing themselves to others. This was pretty hard because I can only think of two people for this one. Sanji and Boa Hancock were my choices, but for this one, I pick Sanji. I can three moments from the anime that showed Sanji being jealous. First, he was jealous after seeing he didn’t get bounty on his head when Luffy first got a wanted poster. Second, he was mad that someone like Absalom has eating the clear-clear fruit and it crushed his dreams of peeping at girls. Lastly, he was very upset after finding out that Luffy spent 2 years trainning at Amazon Lily, the same island where the Empress Boa Hancock lived and filled with women. Even with his gentlemen composure, Sanji can not hide his jealously and it’s quite funny to see him. He might as well be a Super Saiyan.

sanji one piece mad

That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed this fun post. Who do you think fits in these sins? Comment down below and tell me about it. Be sure to check out ExperGamerz channel. It all thanks to him that I got inspired to do this post.

Time to set sail!