30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 19

Most Epic Scene Ever

Luffy using Second Gear for the first time

There are many moments in anime I really like and this day challenge was hard to choose. I decided to go with this one here, Luffy first using Second Gear.

In the Water Seven/CP9 Arc, Luffy and his friends go out of their way to save their friends Nico Robin and Franky from the hands of the World Government. While fighting through waves of enemies, Luffy comes across Blueno, a powerful agent from CP9 who once defeated Luffy. After learning about them and his mistakes, Luffy uses a new ability call Second Gear. Second Gear is an ability wear Luffy pumps blood faster than usual and this allows him to move in a flash and cause major damage (almost like Kaio-ken for Goku).

Personally, this was pretty epic to see. I like the stance Luffy does when he first uses and seeing him power up looks amazing. Almost like a machine, Luffy pumps himself up and he changes from a goofball to a serious fighter. The steam that emits from him is very impressive and it makes it look like Luffy is ready for attack mode.

What’s you favorite epic moment?


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