30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 20

Anime Characters That Gets On Your Nerves

For this one, I will choose 2 different characters. One for male and one for female.





Nui (if you have not seen Kill la Kill, skip this explanation)

The first one I choose is Shibuki from the Naruto OVA, Protect the Waterfall Village. The other is Nui is from Kill la Kill. I explain both why these two get in my nerves.

First introduced in the OVA, Shibuki is a young ninja who recently became the protector and leader of the Waterfall Village. The reason I don’t like him that much is because he can be bossy but also a coward. He is bossy because in the beginning of the OVA, Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi) mission was to escort Shibuki home to the village and after they got done, Shibuki tells them to help clean up trash even though that was not part of the mission. He’s also coward when rogue ninjas attack the people and even threaten to kill children, Shibuki hesitates and thinks about if he should go save them or just hide save his own life. Going back to the topic of being bossy, he even told Naruto and his friends that they have no business of helping the village and tells them to leave.

For Nui, she was one of the characters I wish she could die quick and painful. Her presence in the show makes her irritating. She smiles and laughs at the characters and showing them her strength. Not only that, she admits she is also responsible for killing Ryuko’s father and stealing the other half of Ryuko’s weapon. If there was a picture in the dictionary for trolls or instigators, she would be on it.

Who annoys you in anime?

8 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 20

  1. Any anime protagonist that likes to shout a lot and make speeches when they can’t change things will get on my nerves. That said, I can still like these shows as long as the character isn’t too excessive.

    I actually don’t know either of your picks but they both sound like they would be very annoying.

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