30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 23

Favorite Attack Used In Any Anime


I’m pretty this already been used in different blogs but I’m going to be honest here, my favorite attack in anime is the Kamehameha from DragonBall Z. Originally from the classic DragonBall series, young Goku was able to master this special attack from turtle hermit himself, Master Roshi. Since then, Goku trained this ability to higher levels and eventually becoming one of the most popular attacks in the DragonBall universe.

I love this attack. Even when I was little, I always pretend to be Goku and even did the hand pose. In the English Dub, every time Goku used it, I get excited because that means Goku means business in a fight; he sounds tough and epic. One of the memorable moments of him using it was his fight with Vegeta and Vegeta attacked with his Galick Gun. The two beams clashed with each other but Goku came out strong.

That’s my favorite attack, what’s yours?

2 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 23

  1. The attack that will always stick with me is Rock Lee’s Primary Lotus.

    It’s not the strongest by any means, especially with the DBZ-esque power escalation that the Naruto series went through, but the buildup to this attack was done in an epic way, and it was the first thing we saw which could break Gaara’s invincible defense. It was my favorite episode in all of Naruto.

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