30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 26

Best Anime Fight


For this day, I choose the 2nd (final battle) with Eren and the Female Titan from Attack on Titan. Besides the awesome music and the constant battle between the humans and the monstrous titans, one of my favorite moments in the anime is when Eren transforms into a titan and go on a killing spree on the titans. In this fight, after finally seeing the identity of the female titan, Eren transforms and fights the titan in a one on one match. The fight show so brutal that buildings get destroyed and innocent get involved. In funny way, it’s almost like Godzilla.

What’s your favorite anime fight?

26 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 26

  1. I don’t know; aot has lot its appeal to me. Just reading the synopsis on the aot wiki – Eren is a reverse damsel in distress. Always getting his butt kicked and then getting kidnapped or captured. Armin has more worth than he and Mikasa put together.

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