TGIF Friday Funny 74: Kon’nichiwa and Sayonara!



Thank God it’s Friday! Today is Friday and before I start this post, I got some exciting news. Here is the surprise announcement:

I will be leaving for family vacation this weekend. Saturday I will be gone and I will be back on Monday. That also means I might not be able to respond back like the usual; so expect some delay messages. In concerning of the 30 Day Anime Challenge, they are scheduled this weekend. They will automatically be posted on the appropriate days.  The challenge will keep going but I will unlikely respond. If so, it maybe very late.

Also in other Japanese news, Square Enix recently revealed more details on the game Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue at the Tokyo Game Show. Also worth mentioning, the Pokemon Company International will be streaming their new Pokemon anime spinoff called Pokemon Generations which will cover up the previous regions with new characters. The anime will be in total of 18 episodes and today the first episode will be streamed.

In regards with the anime I have been watching, I am recently caught up with Brotherhoof Final Fantasy XV. I’m waiting on the next episode.

With that said, let’s begin this Friday with laugh from yours truly Sensei Matthew!

To end this post, here some anime songs sung by Disney’s popular character… Goofy! The voice was done by a YouTuber named ProZD. He does funny videos and he also does Goofy impressions. Here are some anime op!  (Goofy is my favorite anime hero!)

Sayanora! Have a nice weekend!!


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