Thank you for sharing this to everyone. I am honored to be interviewed. Anyone that likes this, should really check out Anime Girls NYC blog for more fun.

Anime Girls NYC


There is no way you have not run into Matthew whose blog is called Matt-in-The-Hat. His blog has everything from anime reviews, game reviews, anime news, and every Friday he has a new theme.

You can hold a conversation with him for hours. He feels like a good friend you had for a long time.

Check out his interview below and his site and get to know him better.

1. What made you create a blog? 

I started this blog because it was required for a college class. I took an English class and my professor wanted to create a WordPress account in order to get graded. I spent about a month and a half blogging about current news in the United States every week. Once I got done with the class, I stopped blogging. By the beginning of 2015, I decided to come back dedicate it to my…

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