Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV anime review

Crunchyroll describes it:

BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV is a new anime series consisting of five standalone episodes. BROTHERHOOD delves into the extraordinary friendships between Crown Prince Noctis and his three comrades, setting the stage for the adventure players will set out upon in the action-packed RPG.

anime produced by A-1 Pictures and owned by Square Enix

(This review will not have spoilers. Even though the last episode was episode 5, it actually has 6 episodes; however, it was informed that episode 6 will be exclusive in the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Square Enix also updated that episode 6 is not a full episode but it’s actually bonus scenes. This review will focus on the 5 episodes nevertheless.)

As a way to bring attention to the long awaited video game Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix teamed up with A-1 Pictures and create a short 5 episode anime series called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Brotherhood is an anime that serves a prequel to the main the story of Final Fantasy XV. Just like the synopsis says, the anime will go deep into the lives and friendship of the protagonist hero Crown Prince Noctis “Noct” Lucis Caelum and his close allies Prompto Argentum, Gladiolus “Gladio” Amicitia, and Ignis Scientia. Like always, I won’t spoil the anime for you and I am here to give you feedback on what I thought about this anime.


The story of this anime is not really straightforward. Since this anime is focused on the characters, the storyline is not a straight line and some episodes you can jump right in and enjoy the show. Episodes 2-4 is what I call the “meat” of the whole anime because this is where we learn about Noctis’ friends. Episodes 1 and 5 is the only episodes where you have to pay attention and it focuses on the teamwork of Noctis and his friends. In episode 1, we are introduced to main cast and we barely learn about their behaviors and interactions based on action and dialogue. Personally, episode 5 brings back the attention on the cast but it then the spotlight is on Noctis and we learn a little bit about his past and his feelings towards his father King Regis. In these episodes, not only we learn about the characters past but we also learn more about Noctis before the events of Final Fantasy XV. Overall, the story is not entirely the focus point but watching the perspectives of the characters is what makes the approaching main story.


Already mentioned, the anime centers on the four main characters and each episode shows what they look like and why they care about Noctis. Each character are different and unique in their way; for example, Prompto is the gang’s “jokerster”. Prompto makes silly comments and always the guy that laughs to make everyone feel at ease. Ignis is quite the opposite and he consider as the most “serious” member of the trip; just to add a little piece fact, he is mostly the driver and the cook when camping out. Gladio is the “muscles” of the group. He is the guy that protects everyone and was trained to fight. Last but not least we have Noctis. Noctis is the calm and quite guy of the team that enjoys the company and hates vegetables. Don’t let his appearance and title fool you, just because he was raised in a sheltered lifestyle and he looks like Sasuke from Naruto doesn’t mean he is snobby rich kid (in the game trailer he is called a spoiled brat by Gladiolus). However, he is a powerful guy that can fight by using multiple swords and teleporting to people or places by tossing a sword. Noctis also displays some emotions when in regards to hearing bad news that is involved with his home kingdom or even the people he loves like his father. Whenever they not present, Noctis is just a guy that keeps things to himself.


For 5 episodes, you would assume they would be like an hour long episode just like the anime Hellsing: Ultimate. Hellsing: Ultimate had a total of 10 episodes but each one was about 1 hour long. Brotherhood, however, actually has about an approximate of 15-17 minutes. If it wasn’t for monthly releases of the episodes, you can actually finish this anime in one day. Despite having a limited time length, the anime does a good job on pacing. Especially on episodes 2-4, each episode starts off with the gang doing something in the middle of the adventure and then it shifts to the specific character’s perspective and dedicates all the time on it. Without rushing or slowing down, each episodes pay respects on each character’s adventure and it allows to understand what makes them unique.


The art is really well-dawn and A-1 Pictures does an excellent job on creating the Final Fantasy world and making it look anime-ish. The combat scenes are done great and the effects of Noctis’ teleporting powers was handled well.


As a fan who is waiting for the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XV, this anime is one of the best series to watch and it helps people understand the characters. The characters were really interesting and it was fun to see their lives and how it affects the main story. The story of the anime is actually not that difficult to understand. I was able to sit down and watch all the episodes with no problems. The voices for these characters were also good and it really fits in the personality.The question is this, “would I recommend this anime?”

My answer to you is yes and no. Yes, because if you are one of the gamers who is also waiting for the arrival of Final Fantasy XV and you want to be prepared for the main story, I highly recommend watching this anime. The reason I also “no” is because if you are casual fan that is not really interested or have little interest in Final Fantasy XV, you might need to rethink this option. I’m not saying this anime is only for the fans. Anyone can watch this but this anime was made to help fans understand each character and understand the premise of the upcoming story.

Overall in everything, the anime was well made and it does an excellent on job on character development. The story is not too hard to understand and each character is likeable. What do you think of this anime prequel? If you seen this already, does it make you want to get the game or did it hype you up?

Comment down below on your opinion on this anime. All episodes are free to watch at YouTube and Crunchyroll.

This anime is 5/5 !

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