Jaco the Galactic Patrolman manga review

Rightstuf describes it:

Retired scientist Omori lives alone on a deserted island while continuing his research into time-travel. His quiet life is interrupted when galactic patrolman Jaco crash-lands and decided to move in with him. Can Jaco get along with the old man long enough to save the Earth from a dangerous threat?

This volume also includes a special bonus chapter introducing Dragon Ball Z hero Goku’s parents!


In this single volume story, Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump mangaka Akira Toriyama returns and creates a new story for the DragonBall universe. Rather than focusing on the attention on Goku and his friends, we are given a backstory, or prequel, to well-known story of Dragon Ball. Also added in the story, we are given a new brief history of Goku’s parents, this is the first time we see Goku’s mother! I will discuss the manga in two separate overviews: Jaco and the Bonus Chapter.



The story begins with Jaco, a “Super Elite” member of the Galactic Patrolman, accidentally damaging his space ship while flying towards his mission to Earth. He lands at an abandoned island inhabited by former engineer Omori, an old man who despises people and their vices. When he meets Jaco, he must help him repair his ship and help him on the special mission Jaco is supposed to do. Along the way, he must also hide Jaco from like police officers and political people who wants the island. That of course, if Jaco can resist showing off his title and fighting skills of a “Super Elite”.


If you are familiar with Toriyama’s work, you will understand how he creates the characters. Jaco is a strong character who enjoys bragging about himself and he can also be unsecured when no one properly says his name or calls him short. Omori is an old man that is the opposite and he is somewhat the serious guy in the story. When these two are together, the duo can make any serious moment funny. Another character that joins in the story is a girl named Tights. She voluntary gets involves with the characters, Omori and Jaco. She is not as silly like Jaco but her reactions towards his oddities and Omori makes her likeable.


Jaco’s story is a fun read filled with a simple story but with many unique characters. As you read the story, you will most likely be facepalming quite often as Jaco makes a fool of himself and sometimes Omori near the end of the story. The characters are hilarious and the story is not too serious compared to DragonBall. Even though I did mention it involves Dragon Ball, that doesn’t happen until near the end of the story; for now, you are given a whole new story and characters from the work of Toriyama. The story of DragonBall is not present until you reach the last couple of chapters. The last chapters is what will introduce the key characters. Jaco’s mission to Earth also has something to do with Dragon Ball as well.

Special Chapter Dragon Ball Minus


The manga begins with a Saiyan named Burdock (or Bardock) on a mission fighting some species on another planet. Burdock receives a suspicious messages from another warrior that Lord Freeza (or Frieza) that all Saiyans must return back to Planet Vegeta. Suspicious, Burdock returns home to his wife, Gi-ne (or Gine), and tells her that something is not right about this message from Freeza.


While the story starts off with Burdock, the chapter seems focus on different characters. In some pages, it’s about Burdock and Gi-ne while others is on some of the Saiyans, Freeza or even Jaco.


In Toriyama’s version, he creates a backstory in which he creates as oppose to the well known to the classic TV Special “Bardock – The Father of Goku.” In Toriyama’s version, he finally reveals who is Goku’s mother and it gives us an insight of the Saiyan’s tragic fate. It was very interesting to see Gi-ne as she is very different than other Saiyans and how Burdock cares for his family. Unlike the anime version, the manga shows a gentle side of the Saiyans. Toriyama, even after all these years, never fails to amaze me with the character designs. He still knows how to draw Freeza like in the classic manga and he does an exceptional job on making kid characters.

However, to old DB fans, this can cause some confusion and contradictions because some, like me, have seen the TV special first and now with this manga, it can be hard to accept the new changes.

Overall Conclusion

Before Dragon Ball Super and After finishing the Dragon Ball, Toriyama can make a great lovable story filled with humor and tons of silly action. Even with the simple story, Toriyama always has enough time to had some random humor with the characters. Jaco is quite funny and it’s nice to see how his story influences Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Minus is also a great story to read. The manga reveals a lot about the life of Burdock and his untold story about his wife Gi-ne. If you are a fan Dragon Ball, you will definitely like this manga. It has some recognizable characters and the art makes you feel at home.

The only thing that may conflict readers is the special chapter Dragon Ball Minus. Like I mentioned earlier, if you remember watching the special Dragon Ball Z in Toonami years ago or even played the video games, you may have already been adapted to the classic anime story. This new manga version is drastic change because this was done by the creator himself. The manga even mentions he did not know about the anime version until recently.

This is my intake of the manga. What is your opinion on Jaco The Galactic Patrolman? Did you like it or dislike it. Comment down below.

3 thoughts on “Jaco the Galactic Patrolman manga review

  1. I definitely thought that Jaco was pretty fun. Admittedly, that is due in large part to the fact that the Dragon Ball characters were around, but I suppose that’s intentional. It was certainly nostalgic to see them show up! DB Minus was intriguing. I would have liked something more to go along with it, but more backstory is always good I suppose. That’s why I liked the Bardock OVA, it finally answered the question of who the Legendary Super Saiyan really was.

    • I agree. Jaco was fun to read. It was different than Dragon Ball but the whole adventure something great and relaxing. DB Minus was an added bonus to me. I agree that more about the past should have been extended more. Still, the backstory was pretty interesting to see.

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