How to Maintain & Increase Your Blogging Motivation


I’ve been an aniblogger here in Fujinsei for 2 years now.  It might not seem that long to you but trust me when I say this, the majority of new blogs are deleted by their owners within 3 months.  Only 3 months!  I think that one of the most important issues facing bloggers is lost of motivation/interest.  Sure, we’re all so pumped and so excited when we create our first blogs, harbouring all of these dreams of hitting it big.  And then we experience first-hand the harsh reality of the extremely competitive blogging world.  Our dreams are dashed, our self-confidence beaten to a pulp.  And the next thing we know, we’re clicking “Delete Blog”.  The end.

anime girl waiting in front of laptop

It doesn’t have to be this way.  If you learn how to manage your motivation and work hard in keeping it alive, theoretically you’ll be able to blog for a long time.  So here…

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10 thoughts on “How to Maintain & Increase Your Blogging Motivation

  1. I think the key to motivation when it comes to blogging is not to get bogged down worrying about stats. Just blog about what you like and enjoy and that will shine through in everything you do. Most of all though it should be fun 🙂

      • Indeed. If a blog is for business then that is different, and usually more than one person is admin in such instances. My blog is still just for me and what I like, but it has also acted as a kind of portfolio of sorts, and led to me writing on other sites as well. End of the day though, having fun blogging is where its really at. I think its also the most interactive form of social media, and a great way to connect with readers and share views on other blogs 🙂

      • Yeah I think with a business blog, it’s controlled by more than one person. With a personal blog like ours, we are the writers and we write whatever interests and everything is more relaxed. I use my blog to meet friends. 🙂

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